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Monday, April 1, 2013

Pea Of Sweetness Flower Hair-Clips - My Review

Pea Of Sweetness Flower Hair-Clips

I've been blogging buddies with Emilee from the Pea Of Sweetness blog for many months and I am very happy to be her friend. She has helped me out in the past and when I noticed that she made Hair-Clips and Cloth Diapers along with blogging, I knew I had to work with her!

I had the opportunity to try out 2 of her Flower Hair-Clips and I was super excited. I have 2 young daughters and they LOVE anything that they can put in their hair and I was pretty interested in trying them out for myself aswell.

The hair-clips are made from artificial flowers and vintage bottle caps. They are VERY secure and strong. For these hair-clips being able to survive a whole day on my little girls' heads then they are AWESOME in my book! I got the chance to wear the purple hair-clip out to dinner and shopping one afternoon and was very surprised that I didn't have to readjust the clip at all!! Most hair clips have to be readjusted atleast once due to them sliding down your hair but I truly don't remember fixing my Pea Of Sweetness Flower Hair-Clip while out and about with my family.

Lots of parents like to put big bows and hair-clips on headbands for their baby girls and this flower hair-clip would work great for that aswell! There are no sharp or pointed edges on the bottle caps and the clip's themselves are ribbon covered so you don't have to worry about your little ones getting scraped or poked on their hair-clips which is always a plus in my book!

I recently began doing Video Reviews. Below is my Vocal Review of the Pea Of Sweetness Flower Hair-Clips. I hope you enjoy it.

Knowing that these flower hair-clips are handmade from a successful mommy blogger, it makes me feel better about where my money is going. I LOVE helping small business out and it makes me feel even better when that small business is ran by a Mom!
At just $3 a piece ($4.50 after shipping), these Hair-clips are a steal! If you go to the mall to buy something similar, you would be spending atleast $6, sometimes more depending where you shop. 

These hair-clips are beautiful and very stylish!

I would recommend the Pea of Sweetness Flower Hair-Clips to any parent/grand-parent of a little girl or a Stylish teen/adult looking to spice up any Spring outfit!

If you would like to purchase your own Flower Hair-Clip or check out the Pea Of Sweetness Etsy Shop - Click HERE


  1. aawwww this is very unique and i love how vintage-y looking it is. so creative. thanks for sharing

  2. So cute! I shared these on G+! I love the use of the pop caps!

  3. These are adorable and I to love the pop cap idea!

  4. These are beautiful and interesting - love them!

  5. The bottle caps take me back to my youth. Very creative. I haven't seen anything like this and I'm constantly checking out Etsy shops and hair products for my daughter. Thanks for sharing.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    Finding Humour in Everyday Life
    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

  6. How unique and cute! So creative! Great video, too!


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