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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Silly Face Game


Need to occupy your kids for a few minutes and don't have much time to plan a game or activity?

Make a quick Silly Faces Game and let your kids use their imagination to create all kinds of different silly faces!

  1. To make the Silly Face Game just simply draw a big oval on a sheet of paper. 
  2. You can use colored paper and make hair, eyes, flowers etc.
  3. Collect a few odds and ends from your craft bag and from around your house and give them all to your child.
  4. It's time to be creative! You'll be surprised at all the silly faces your kiddo's will come up with.
  5. Don't be afraid to let them explore your home for other small things to be used for their faces!

My daughters sat on their bed and played with their faces for a while! All I heard was giggles through the walls!

How many Silly Faces can your kids come up with??

Here are a couple of the faces my girls made:

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