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Sponsored Post Rates

Guest Posts: Guest Posts are written articles by other bloggers and readers who provide all content for the post. At times, I may be searching for specific content that other bloggers and readers may be able to offer. I recently started accepting Guest Posts at all times. Guest posts will NOT include a link to any business or 3rd party website (at which they would be considered a Sponsored Guest Post – details below). Guest Posts will include a link back to your blog or a selected social media profile (Social Media choices are intended for Reader Guest Posts). All posts must contain new content not found anywhere else on the internet, contain at least one high quality image as well as 300+ words. Credit will be given to the author along with a link and possibly a small bio, if provided.
Guest Posts – Always FREE

Sponsored Guest Posts: A Sponsored Guest Post is where you (the sponsor) provides all content, which includes one link to your business or website. Each post must contain NEW content (never posted online), contain at least one high quality image, and 200+ words. Credit will be properly given to the author via name and backlink.
Sponsored Guest Posts – $15

Sponsored Post: Sponsored Posts are a great way for businesses to get important information and links out to the people who are interested in their content if you happen to not be interested in a Review or Giveaway but would still like to get your name out into the world. All content provided in Sponsored Posts will be about your website, business or a selected topic of your choice as well as including a high quality image. (I prefer all images to be provided by the sponsor. If need be - I can acquire the needed image(s) myself with a small added fee of $5)
My Kind Of Introduction accepts 2 forms of Sponsored Posts:
Option 1 - An article with 300+ words as well as up to 3 links to your business(es) and/or websites, where I provide all written content along with the image(s) acquired from Sponsor, if possible.
Option 2 - Sponsor provides all written content as well as high quality image(s), I will post the content as I see fit while adding a backlink to your business and/or website.
*If you happen to be interested in more than one sponsored post, scheduled throughout a period of time, arrangements can and will be made to insure all posts are scheduled in a timely manor and that price arrangements are agreeable for both parties.
Option 1 - I provide all written content – $20
Option 2 - Sponsor provides full content including image(s) – $15
If I am to supply the needed image(s), a small fee of $5 will be added due to the extra time being taken to find the appropriate image. The photo may come from a personal collection of my own or be acquired from an online multi-media collection. (Depending on content.)

Contest or Sale Post: If you have an upcoming promotion, sale, special coupon and/or contest, you've come to the right place! You provide the content and I'll do all the work! I will add your promotional information to a short post including all important details (provided by you). I'll promote your contest/sale post via social media throughout the week of the live post.
Short Descriptive Post – $10
Advertisement w/ Image (Provided By You) - $15
Advertisement w/ Image (Provided By Me) - $20

Press Release/Info-graphic: I will create a post sharing your press release and/or info-graphic with my readers.
Mostly Text with 1 or 2 small photos - $10
Full Post - Includes small details, Up to 4 Photos & 1 optional video – $15

All Posts will be promoted throughout the week of the live blog post.
When it comes to Sponsored Posts, all added links will be “nofollow”, there are no exceptions. All payments must be submitted to via PayPal. An appropriate disclosure will be provided at the top of all sponsored posts per FTC regulations, this is required and no exceptions can or will be made.

To discuss further details and/or schedule campaign arrangements:
Contact - Autumn Banks via email at

I look forward to hearing from you all very soon!!

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