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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Funday

A collection of photos and videos showing how we spent our Sunday at home while "the man of the house" was at work all day!

The girls filled up some left over water balloons from the party yesterday. Mj was outside when I let the girls start filling up the balloons but he found them a few minutes later and started helping with the balloons too. They had alot of fun and ended up eating some left over cake and playing with some tiny water guns :) We ended our Sunday Funday with funny faces then the kids watched a movie while in bed!

Jade don't like being hit or splashed with water but Loran and Mj didn't seem to care
The kids also helped me try a new product that we received for review!
The Wizor (review coming soon!)


Gotta love kids!!

How did you spend you Sunday?

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Friends of the Greenville Zoo

Join the Greenville Zoo's Circle of Friends!

Did you know that the Greenville Zoo has a non-profit organization called "Friends of the Greenville Zoo"?

The Greenville Zoo is one of the top rated tourist attractions in the Upstate of South Carolina and one of my all time favorites! It's one of the closest Zoo's to my hometown of Asheville, NC and a top pick for alot of the locals! I love being able to visit all the animals throughout the Greenville Zoo's 14-acre facility that  features wildlife from around the world including giraffes, monkeys, giant tortoises, elephants and a variety of reptiles. (The Elephants are my favorite!)
The Zoo is open seven days a week, except on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.
From 3/1 to 9/30, the Greenville Zoo extends their hours of operation from 9 AM to 5 PM, giving the guests an opportunity to take advantage of the cooler mornings during the Summer months of the year. Also, the zoo has added a third ticket booth to shorten the wait time for both groups and individuals. (Shorter wait time is ALWAYS a plus! Who wants to stand in line for an hour with 2 kids begging to see the monkeys?!)
Zoo entry ticket sales will close at 4:15 PM

The Friends of the Greenville Zoo is a non-profit organization that serves as an independent community outreach group, whose purpose is to provide financial, resource, and advocacy support for the needs of the Greenville Zoo
Free admission for 2 adults plus children or grandchildren under the age of 18
Four guests any time plus 10 additional guest tickets
Early sign-up and discounts to educational programs, camps and special events
Reciprocal free or discount admission to more than 140 other zoos in the US
10 percent discount in Greenville Zoo Safari Shop
Car magnet
Same benefits as "Friend’s Society" as well as:
"Meet the Keeper" talk at select exhibit (elephant, lion, giraffe or orangutan)*
Friend's Gallery - $500

Same benefits as "Friend’s Society" 
as well as:
"Meet the Keeper" talk at select exhibit (elephant, lion, giraffe or orangutan)*
Two (2) tickets to Sippin’ Safari or Brew in the Zoo signature events
Same benefits as "Friend’s Society" as well as:
One (1) Behind-the-Scenes tour for four (4)*
Two (2) tickets and VIP tent access to Sippin’ Safari or Brew in the Zoo, our signature events
Recognition on donor board located at the Zoo and website
Same benefits as "Friend’s Society" as well as:
One (1) Behind-the-Scenes tour for eight (8)*
Four (4) tickets and VIP tent access to Sippin’ Safari or Brew in the Zoo, our signature events
25 percent discount on facility rental
Recognition on donor board located at the Zoo and website
Same benefits as "Friend’s Society" as well as:
One (1) Behind-the-Scenes tour for ten (10)*
Four (4) tickets and VIP tent access to Sippin’ Safari AND Brew in the Zoo, our signature events
50 percent discount on facility rental
Recognition on donor board located at the Zoo and website

* Important Notice* -- Keeper Talks and Behind-the-Scenes tours are given on specific dates and will be coordinated by the Friends with the Greenville Zoo. Some age restrictions may apply.

If you would like to learn more about joining the Friends of the Greenville Zoo, Visit their website and/or fill out the Circle of Friends Application

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Purchase from Domino's - Receive a Gift Card

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Start early and Save on Back to School Shopping

The Crazy 8 Semi-Annual sale

Why not get an early start on your back to school shopping?!
Better to be early than late... atleast that's the route I'm trying to take this year.

 The Crazy 8 Semi-Annual sale is in full swing and they've added extra 30% off markdowns. Don't miss your chance to stock up on the cutest tops and bottoms for the "apples of your eye".

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A New #Hashtag Happenings - #IfIWroteFortuneCookies

I've decided to change up my #Hashtag Happenings series to spice things up a bit! I quickly got tired of my other version and needed a change.
Instead of posting various tweets from a chosen #hashtag, I'm still going to chose one of the #hashtags but one that requires an answer. I'll give the subject "All that I've got" and see what kind of crazy stuff can pop into my brain from the crazy Twitter #Hashtags! (Who comes up with these things anyways??)

Sound like fun?

Today's #Hashtag is: #IfIWroteFortuneCookies
(Trended on 6/29/2013 at 5:25am EST)
This hashtag is one where I'll have to finish the sentence 

#IfIWroteFortuneCookies - I would come up with some really "off the wall" and random fortunes! A few right off the top of my head would be:
  • Your future is unknown - Please insert fortune back into cookie and try again
  • Warning! You will star in a Rodney Carrington joke very soon
  • The Fashion Police are still looking for you, RUN!
  • They lied to you!! What are you going to do about it?
  • Smile, Your Beautiful :)
  • Forget the one who made you cry - they aren't worth it
  • If they're in your past... Leave them there
  • You won't eat this cookie, Will you? I bet your a little upset about this fortune too.... but will never admit it :)
#IfIWroteFortuneCookies, there would be no Lucky Numbers or Lotto Guesses... Some people let these so called "Lucky Numbers" run their life and who wants to be controlled by a few numbers found inside a cookie?

#IfIWroteFortuneCookies they would be awesome

My favorite tweet that I ran across was

"A big change is coming. If you want anything more specific than that, don't ask a cookie."  ()

Go ahead! Join in on the fun with me! This hashtag has endless possiablities of random and awesome responses! I would LOVE to hear the rest of your sentence! 
:) Don't be shy, it's alot of fun!

Finish the sentence: #IfIWroteFortuneCookies ........................

Keurig Kcup Coffee Sale - This Weekend Only

Green Mountain Colombian Keurig Kcup coffee is on sale this weekend only for $11.99 per box of 24!
Sales runs Fri-Sun

Colombian Fair Trade Select Keurig Kcup Coffee

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Soaking Wet Saturday - Water Party

At 5pm today, we will be having a combined Birthday Party for our 2 daughters. They are so close in age that having one party is cheaper, easier and the girls love it! This year I have been so stressed out with everything that I have going on in my life right now that I wasn't able to actually plan the party! My fiance seems to think that planning a party is a piece of cake, his words were "Just buy a cake and invite people over, how hard is that?"
Ummmm.... That's not exactly how I see things.

In my eyes - You have too:

  • Choose a Theme
  • Decide on Activities
  • Make a supply list
  • Purchase Supply list - Double check list
  • Order or Make the cake
  • Start setting things up the day before party
  • Have party -- Have fun
Did I forget anything?

Anyways -- The point is that today we are having a Water Themed Birthday Party. We have a Slip n' Slide and I'm planning on buying Water Balloons as well. Yes I said PLANNING on buying! We have nothing purchased or planned and I'm in a bit of a panic but as long as my family shows up then everything should be okay since Loran and Jade don't care too much for the fancy stuff, hanging out and having fun should be just fine for them... I hope

Wish me luck everyone!!

Need a laugh for the day? Check out this collage of my fiance and I along with our close friends, going down the slip n'
 slide for some Grown-Up fun!

What kind of planning do you do before throwing a party?
I would love your feedback! :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Freak-Out Friday! - No Planning for a Party

Tomorrow is the day...
I'm on the verge of freaking out due to the fact that time has ran out before I even realized it!

I'm throwing a birthday party of my daughters. They turned 6 and 7 a few weeks ago and now it's time to celebrate with the family!!

Any normal year, I would of planned this party, bought supplies, etc. But since I've been stressing over the house and work, among other things, I haven't even started planning the birthday party except that it's going to be a water party!

We have a Slip n' Slide -- Atleast one activity can be checked off my list!!!

In the past years, my daughters have had a Faerie Princess Dress Up Party and many regular little kid parties. Tomorrow is going to be tough but I'll get through it like I do all the other "sper of the moment things"

So far, this is my list of supplies that I need to buy:
(Tomorrow morning seems to be when I'll be shopping! Ahhhhh)
  • Butterfly Cake (Or regular cake to add Butterflies to)
  • Plastic Toy Butterflies from The Dollar Tree
  • Candles (A big pack - Need 13)
  • Plates
  • Silverware
  • Cups
  • Ice Cream (In Cups or Tub <-Cheapest Option)
  • Water Balloons
  • Drinks
  • Chips
  • Dip

This is defiantly doing to be a Party on a Budget!

How much time and money do you normally spend on a Child's Birthday Party?

Here are a few photo's from last years party

Our DIY Pinata! - I believe we'll leave it out this year but you can check out how to make your own with my Simple Pinata Directions!

How much time and money do you normally spend on a Child's Birthday Party?
 I would LOVE your input, my fiance and I have a disagreement on this subject and any input would be grateful!

Simplify your "New Mom" Life with Citrus Lane

Babies take up alot of time, money and space, Not to mention all the running it takes to make sure you don't run out baby snacks or forget the wipes at the store! My daughters aren't babies anymore but if I ever have another one, Citrus Lane will be one of my first purchases once I give birth! No joke, their geniuses! The boxes they send out, could of really simplified my "New Mom" life 7 years ago! But that doesn't mean that you can't simplify your own life today!!

You receive the best, age-appropriate products for your child delivered to your front door each month. Citrus Lane makes also would make the perfect gift for new parents! (This gives me an idea...)

Use the Promo code - TAKEHALF at checkout!

Simply select the plan that works best for you and your little one.
Their plans start at just $21 a month!
All you have to do is let them know how old your little one is (They cater to kids ages newborn to 3yrs) so they can make sure they chose just the right products for your box! It's a bit like personalizing but without your kids name :)
Make life alot easier when you let Citrus Lane deliver a special box to your door every month full of "presents" for your favorite little baby.

This photo is of my friend's Citrus Lane box from about a month ago

It's even cooler that shipping is free!

Gift subscription and multi-month packages including 3, 6 and 12 month packages do not qualify. Limited to 1 TAKEHALF use per household!

4th of July Crafts for Kids

Patriotic Crafts just in time for 4th of July!!!

These 21 Crafts for Kids features 50 pages of the best patriotic craft activities + Crafty Kid Creations eNewsletter for FREE!
Get this brand-new, FREE eBook collection filled with crafts that are sure to make your holiday the best one yet. In our latest eBook, AllFreeKidsCrafts has made sure that your holiday will consist of a little sun, a lot of crafting, and a ton of red, white, and blue. There are crafts that decorate your yard to turn your barbeque from fun to fantastic and others that will keep you busy right up until the fireworks show.

  • Firecracker Foodie Frills (page 42)
  • Patriotic Pom Poms (page 32)
  • Fourth of July Luminaries (page 28)
  • Stars and Stripes Cookie Bites (page 26)
  • Rockets’ Red Glare Bracelets (page 17) and lots more.

One of my favorite Crafts from the Free ebook is Crash, Boom Bang Glitter.
Watching fireworks is all my daughters' talk about once they realize the 4th of July is creeping near! We've made these Glitter Fireworks a few times but I didn't take pictures, I'll make sure I take some next time. Below is the photo from the ebook!

Craft from 21 American Craft Projects ebook (Page 7)
Replicate beautiful blasts of color with your kids with the directions below for the
Crash, Boom Bang Glitter
Fireworks Craft
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Glitter (assorted)


1.) Use glue to draw firework shapes on a black sheet of construction paper.
2.) Sprinkle glitter on top of the glue.
3.) Turn the paper upside down to remove the excess glitter and let it dry completely.

Find more Easy Patriotic Crafts by downloading the FREE ebook!
Nothings better than Free Kids Crafts!
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Win #HealthySnacks with The Almondina Cookie Giveaway

Here it is!!! The Giveaway that we've been waiting on...

Welcome to the
Almondina Biscuit Cookie Giveaway!
Sponsored By - The Almondina Brand

Snacks are a big deal in my house. My daughters are ages 6 and 7 and are always on the go! Running in and out of the house, through the neighborhood, playing and simply being kids. All that playing can wear a kid out and what better to boost your energy than with food! Not to mention that my fiance eats just as many snack as our girls do!!

A couple weeks ago, I received a box full of various flavors of Almondina Cookies. They are created from a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation and were said to be sweet, crispy and of course... have almonds. I'd never tried them before but I was willing to give them a try!

Not only did my fiance and I enjoy the cookies, our daughters LOVE them as well! They kept taking the packs outside to share with their friends as well as eating whole packs by themselves! Lets just say that all of Almondina Cookies were gone in less than week! Crazy right!!??

  • All Natural
  • Free of Cholesterol, Coloring and Preservatives 
  • Kosher and Pareve (no dairy)
  • No added Fat or Salt
  • Perfect side to pair with Tea, Coffee or even a glass of wine
  • Can be used as a Cracker with Cream Cheese, Chocolate Spreads, etc
  • Crumbled as an Ice Cream Topping!
  • Milk and Cookies for the kids!
  • Also make a wonderful little breakfast on the go!
Don't Almondina Cookies sound delicious? -- My daughters sure thought so!! Points to Mommy for saying YES to Almondina Biscuit Cookies!!

Don't forget to read my Full Almondina Biscuit Cookies Review 

Now you have the chance to WIN some Almondina Cookies for your family!
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Good Luck to you all!!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tiring Thursdays - Summer Cleaning

-- "About to fall over on this gloomy Tiring Thursday" --

Right before I passed out I took this picture.... I guess I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and needed something to talk about today :)

This week has been nothing but cleaning cleaning cleaning, at my house and I ended up falling asleep earlier today and got WAYYY behind!! Now I'm in panic mode and extremely tired! I feel like I'm moving as slow as a turtle and I don't believe that I'll finish what needs to get done......
My landlord is due to stop my tomorrow and then I have Loran and Jade's birthday to do on Saturday!!!!

Not to mention that Alan works 2 jobs and has been helping me as much as he can but truthfully..... the birthday party is not planned and I have no clue how that's going to turn out and the clothes seem to be multiplying. Atleast we had a little cookout on each of the girls' actual birthday...

(My bed... lost in clothes!)
This is a tiny bit of what
I keep having to go through!
Last night I stayed up for many hours, simply going through boxes, drawers and fresh loads of clothes. I ended up surrounded in boxes and piles of clothes. The one thing about Season change is the need to trade out clothes. My daughters had LOTS of clothes but now I know that they don't all fit......

This is going to be a LONG day... I have more clothes to do and just found another big box of summer clothes that I had forgotten about!

I see a Yard Sale or BIG Donation in my near future.... Maybe even both!

That's why I'm having to cut this so short due to my house being tore apart from what I'v gotten started and haven't finished yet.....

I'll update on my progress when I get a free moment!

Wish me luck!!
I'm going to need it!

For some reason,
I decided to look up the word Tiring.....

Yep.... That's me!!

Eat Naturally Fresh with Zaycon Foods

Discover High Quality Natural Food 

Good-Morning Everyone!
I am extremely proud to say that I'm a USFG Blogger and couldn't be happier with my decision to be so! One of the perks of teaming up with with USFG is that I get the chance to work with a wide variety of wonderful brands and businesses along with the chance to introduce them to my some of my favorite people... YOU - My Readers! 
Zaycon Foods just happens to be one of those brands and if you know anything about natural food, then you may have heard about Zaycon Foods before. If not, or even so... Read below to learn more and see what they have going on for you, during this Summer Season!
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Zaycon Foods is America's Drive Thru Meat Market - Fresher, Faster and Cheaper.

For FAMILIES, we represent the GREATEST VALUE in the food industry
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Zaycon Foods can sell its products at bulk rate prices to individual consumers and families because our unique sales event business model brings lots of people together, adding all their purchasing power into a combined bulk food purchase. And when you buy as part of a group that’s committing to such a large purchase, the power is in the hands of the purchaser! It’s the ultimate group buy in terms of both price and consumer empowerment.

You can pre-select exactly what you want to order from a given Zaycon sales event – sometimes you may want to stock up on our amazing meaty back ribs and sometimes it might be all about the Zaycon bacon – and then, on the day of the sales event, you and a whole big bunch of your neighbors will find yourselves in a nearby parking lot watching as an entire tractor trailer’s worth of high quality natural food is unloaded into all of your cars! You will be amazed at how quickly one of our refrigerated trucks goes from being filled with natural, fresh chicken or hundreds of gallons of grade A non-homogenized milk to being empty and back on its way to the farm!

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When you use the Zaycon Foods sales event as your preferred place to purchase meats, milk, and any of our other fine products, you get advantages even beyond the bulk pricing that comes with our special sales model. You also have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’re going to get! A trip to the grocery store can involve wasted time wandering around looking for various foods spread out across the store; at a Zaycon Foods parking lot meat truck delivery (or milk or berries or fish delivery, too!) you have pre-ordered your foods, so all you have to do is show up and wait for our friendly staffers and volunteers to load up your car. 

Also, unlike in the grocery store, the prices you will pay for a Zaycon Foods product are locked in on our website, so you will know how much you are going to spend before you have committed to a purchase.
At a supermarket, you might pay one price for chicken on one day, and then a higher price on another day. With Zaycon, you decide that you want to order a case of our fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts, you check the price and then you commit to it, knowing that from that moment on, we are committed to getting you your fresh, natural food!

Zaycon Foods was featured on Good Morning America!! - Watch below!

-- Get Started Today with Zaycon Foods --
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Comparing Faces

I've decided to join the crowd with a Series of Featured Daily Posts!
Beginning with today - Wordless Wednesdays

Comparing Faces - My daughters and I - Photo's at 1yr of Age 

Me aka Autumn



Do we look alike?

Label More - Lose Less

I've been on a Back-To-School kick lately and the only explanation is that each year, I somehow get behind on supply shopping and have to start rushing once the 1st day of school begins to creep closer! I hate it! The couple weeks before school is the worse time to be in a store!! You get the bottom of the barrel choices and the isles are always crammed with other parents who are rushing as well! So this year I've decided to start early! I'm sure that somehow or another, I'll end up rushing to get something I forgot but I'll deal with that situation when the time comes.
--- At the moment, I would like to switch over to Labeling! ---
It starts in Preschool and carries on deep into Adulthood. People tend to lose things often and when you spend your hard earned money on for example - "The Perfect Back-To-School Lunch Box", the last thing you want to hear a week later is that your son left it on the bus. Or when your daughter misplaces her favorite Faerie Princess nap towel at school and you suddenly start to wonder if her name is still written on the tag, since you hadn't checked since the beginning of the year!
It happens! Even grown-ups lose stuff every now and then... not to mention the need to make sure those sneaky co-workers will know who's lunch NOT to eat :)

My point is.... Labeling is a MUST these days!
When it comes to Back To School, I'd like to help...

Mabel's Labels has a deal going on right now with their Ultimate Back To School Combo Pack which has over 100 Personalized Labels! They come in different sizes so they'll fit on just about anything! Clothes, Books, Backpacks & Lunch Boxes, nap towels and anything else you don't want lost. You'll save $3 as well as receiving a coupon for $5 off of a really cool looking Laptop Lunches Bento Box (while supplies last) when you buy the Ultimate Back To School Combo Pack.
Even though school is over a month away.... You know the saying "The early bird gets the worm", right?This deal won't be around for very long since it ends on July 31!!!
Snag your labels now and lose less later :)

OooOOooOH I almost forgot!! Mabel's Labels has recently decided to offer FREE SHIPPING to the US!!
(No minimum purchase required <- my favorite part!)

To Shop or Visit Mabel's Labels - Click the banner or link above.
This post contains affiliate links

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Three Lollies - Natural Nausea Products

Just thinking about Nausea makes my belly hurt! Ugh! :(

If you've ever been pregnant, or maybe your pregnant now, you may have dealt with what many call "Morning Sickness". Being nauseated is not pretty and most of the time you don't want to do anything but lay still.
You don't have to be pregnant to get nauseated! Travel, Sickness and many other  thiongs can cause you to feel a bit of nausea. There are lots of treatments available in stores but not all of them have been known to work every time.

Since I've been trying to be more "green" and natural, I've been working with a few brands work to make wonderful products that are better for us as well as our planet. It makes me feel good to know that I'm not only bringing healthy products into my home for my family but I'm able to introduce those products to all my loyal followers and their families as well! That's where Three Lollies comes in play.
This post is sponsored by US Family Guide and Three Lollies

Three Lollies makes natural products for nausea associated with morning sickness, travel, sickness, cancer treatment and all other types of nausea. Their products are drug-free and doctor recommended.
Save 20% Off Any Order at Three Lollies, Natural Nausea Products
- Limited Time Promotion -

Let Three Lollies help Cure your Nausea!