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Thursday, January 28, 2016

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Old School Fun with a Modern Twist - UNO & Friends: iPhone App Review

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Yes, I'm a gamer... A true lover of many different games, from the classic board and card games to everyones favorite favorite digital upgrade - video games. 
Did I happen to mention that I'm also a busy mom of 2 active daughters and a hard working fiancĂ©, who also enjoys a good game every now and then too?!
Some of you may be asking yourselves: "How do you juggle all of the responsibilities of parenthood and home, while still finding time for gaming?!" My answer to that is... With Phone Apps, of course! Just about everyone has personal experience with the app world. It's literally an endless world of possibilities and I, personally, can't get enough of my mini-game apps!
Honestly... Who didn't grow up playing card games with family and friends? When it comes to my old school card game addiction, I couldn't of been happier when I ran across UNO & Friends!! I started playing the Uno app about a year or so ago, on my Windows phone. I loved the app so much that I ended up finding it for my iPhone as well! I love how the actual concept of Uno 
The addition of campion pets mix things up a bit and add a dose of excitement! They're both cute and quite helpful at times. I'm also excited about the variety of Tournaments available to compete in. And last but not least.... The Houses are like time UNO Sororities/Fraternities! Complete goals to earn points (You don't even have to win a game to get goal points!) Win Boosts, Metals, Tokens, etc! There's always a new surprise and/or opportunity around the corner.... And best of all... *•NEVER CHANGING FROM THE CLASSIC UNO GAME WE ALL GREW UP WITH!!•* All original with a touch of amazing extras that do nothing but make your game play more exciting!!

I love this game more then ever!!! The only thing that I have a minor issue with is the amount of tokens available to get from scratch cards... a 45 minute wait time is pretty harsh! But that's just my opinion.


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