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Monday, November 30, 2015

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Boys Love Dress-up too + DIY Dress-up Tips

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Playing Dress-Up:
Not to be considered strictly Girls Only ...
Make-Believe is for boys too!

When your hear a parent talking about their kids playing dress-up, most people automatically think they are talking about their daughters. Dress-up has always been known for being more of a girls activity but that's not always so. When my step-son is over at the house and his sisters are playing dress-up, he wants to play too. Of course he don't want any faerie wings or dresses to wear but a couple years ago he started asking me if I would find him some boy dress-up clothes so he could play with his sisters, So I agreed.

Here's what I figured out about shopping for dress-up clothes, for boy and girls:

I started at the best place I could think of to find dress-up clothes... Thrift Stores! They're always full of a variety of clothing for very little money. Not to mention that unused Halloween costumes often find themselves at thrift shops. That means easy picking for you! 

When dress-up shopping for boys or girls, it's always a good idea to begin the first of November, with Halloween Clearence! Most of the work is done for you, adding personal touches is optional.  Once the trick-or-treating is over, instead of boxing up the costumes, hand them to the kiddos to be enjoyed over and over again instead of just the 1 night!

This is the time to let all of your creative energy out to play, use anything and everything available to make your vision a reality! And remember that no costume idea is off limits! Let your children help with the shopping and designing process for done great bonding fun!! 
Just be sure to have fun and remember that anything goes!

Costume Ideas:
  • To make a Cowboy Costume you could use a wore out pair of jeans, a flannel shirt, a brown vest, cowboy boots and hat and maybe a belt. (You can find cow-boy belts with plastic guns at The Dollar Tree)
  • For a Mad Scientist you can use a pair of white cloth pants, an over sized button up white shirt (maybe a chefs coat). Add some black framed glasses and a few glass or plastic vases as the potion beakers.
  • Be Creative!!  The options are endless!!
You may not find what your looking for on the first shopping trip, check back another day. Each shop you visit will be different then the rest and it's your job to find the diamond in the ruff!
Don't forget the flea markets!
Anything is possible when you get creative!

  • If you like the Halloween Costume idea for dress-up clothes, wait until early November to buy the costumes. That's when the stores start their Halloween Sales to get rid of all the extra Halloween costumes and decorations so they can start getting ready for Thanksgiving. You can get costumes for just a few dollars! I like to buy a few of them when they're on sale and put a couple up for Christmas presents. 
My step-son now has his very own dress-up collection without a single girlie touch! We found a cape, things for a fireman, an army man, and a ninja  - just to name s few. He's happy and that's dll the matters! My kids play for hours, running around in their new dress-up clothes.
Watching that boy enjoy every ounce of playing dress-up with his sisters is why I whole-heartily believe that everyone dreams of s different life and playing dress-up is the perfect way to help dreams come true!

 “Dress-up being for Girls Only" is nothing but huge myth.

Boys pretend too!

You can also find lots of retailers on & offline that sale a variety clothing designs to insure each creative idea with the prefect outfit for play!     Make-believe is for everyone....
Boys and Girls, no matter the age!

The local costume store is an obviously great choice to find perfect add-on items to complete the look!
Get creative and use that fabulous brain of yours!!
Anyone up for a dress-up session? 

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