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My name is Autumn and I'm the sole contributor to the My Kind Of Introduction blog. 
Thank You for your interest in working together. Below you will find information on how I can help you grow your business. If you would like to learn more about me as a person, please visit my About Me tap at the top of this page. Bloggers are becoming more and more popular when it comes to advertising. Many consumers are turning to the internet before making big purchases to find out what others are saying about the items that interest them. Not to mention the convenience of online shopping. I look forward to getting to know you and your business and working together to get your name heard!

If you would like for your brand to be noticed,
I can help make that happen!

Below are a few options that are available through My Kind Of Introduction.
I'm also open to any other suggestions that you may have in mind and that are not listed below. Send me an email with your ideas and we can discus details.

1 - Write a review -- 
Product reviews help people feel more comfortable with buying your products and gives them the opportunity to interact with your site and give feedback. - Ship me one or more of your Products, which I will keep as my own. I'll test out the product for 2-6 weeks, depending on the product and what all it has to offer. I'll keep you updated throughout each step of the way, via email. Once I'm comfortable with the product/service - I'll write up an honest review and post it on my blog, My Kind Of Introduction. Presentable photos of the product and/or it being used, will be included in the review. I'll share the review and photos with my followers through social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +. I will let everyone know what your products and business is all about. The review will be on my homepage for the first day and will stay on my blog for as long as it exists. I will also post a link to the review onto  my Product and Book Review Page for easy access. They'll also be back-links to your website in the post that will direct my followers to your products along with your social media pages (If links are provided). 

2 - Review and Giveaway -- Choosing to sponsor a giveaway is a wonderful opportunity to put your brand in the laps of many potential consumers who are excited for the chance to win something for free. Once they win and are happy with what they received, they will tell their friends and possibly come back to you for more. - Ship me one or more of your products, as described above, for me to review. Then you will be GIVING something to my one or more of my readers as well. You get to chose the amount of winners and prizes. The giveaway prize(s) can be anything - Ranging from a Gift Card, one or more of your products, Store Credit or anything else you may have to offer. - For the giveaway, 
I will use the Giveaway Tools form and your company's social media accounts will be the first entries. (If links are provided)
I also have a group of bloggers who help promote my giveaways to bring more exposure to both your company and my blog.

3 - Host a Facebook or Twitter Party -- Facebook and Twitter Parties are where people come to learn about you and/or your business, products and services. During the party, participants get the chance to win prizes - provided by you. These prizes can be anything from a Gift Card, Store Credit, a Product, Samples, etc. You also have the option of offering the participants of the party a special one-time-only discount as a Thank You gift for attending. They'll be games and trivia and possible Q & A, that I will create with your help. Attending the parties yourself is optional since I will be hosting and in control of planning. If you would like to attend, it could be very beneficial: Facebook and Twitter Parties gives current and potential consumers the opportunity to ask you "one-on-one" questions about your business or products, that they normally wouldn't have the chance to do. They get to interact with the brand and see whats new and possibly on sale. This is your time to shine - You can tell your story as a person, as a business or as both. You may even get the chance to hear stories from others on how your products and/or services have helped them in the past. Being able to connect with your consumers at a one-on-one basis is very important, especially if your just starting out. Participants are more likely to purchase during the party if products and promotions are announced and spotlighted, which would be my job after I collect the needed information from you. Social Media Parties normally last for about an hour, depending on what all is scheduled. 

If you happen to be interested in working with My Kind Of Introduction, Contact me at AutoFaerie@ or send a message through Facebook or Twitter.

I look forward to working together!

Thank You for your time,
Autumn B
My Kind Of Introduction

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