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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Monetize Your Blog

Get Paid for
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If your a blogger who's looking to make some extra cash from all your hard work and have been considering stepping toward Monetizing Your Blog - Then you've came to the right place!!


Monetize Your Blog



I've created a nice little collection full many different opportunities that can help you make the best out of all the hard work you put into your blog(s). Included in the list below you'll find many Affiliate Programs, Sponsored Posts, Paid Tweets and much more.
For those of you who aren't familiar with affiliate marketing: Being an affiliate means that companies allow you to post ads and links for their businesses onto your website and get a commission when people click on your links and banners. All business have different standers for their affiliates so it's possible that you may also receive a commission from purchases made, after clicking your links. Some are harder to make money from than others but I personally believe affiliate marketing is a wonderful beginners option for bloggers who are ready to dip their toes into the "Money making blogger business."
Below I've listed a few of my favorite affiliate companies that may interest you. Some of them offer bonuses in which you can earn $5-$20 for doing small tasks such as blog posts, placing banners and more, those affiliates have been labeled in the list with a *stat*

If you have any questions or know of a resource that can be added to our list:
- Leave a comment below or Email us at -


Before you sign-up with ANY the following affiliate programs
 You MUST first join the ShareASale Affiliate Program first.
The Affiliates listed below are all part of ShareASale but have separate referral links. After you become a ShareASale affiliate, you'll find tons of merchants to sign up with.
Only a select few are listed below.

- Affiliates -

*The affiliates listed above are all ShareASale affiliates, but they each have unique referral links. Many of the affiliates offer bonus posts from time to time, giving us opportunities to earn an extra $5-$15, just by sharing a post. I personally have made a good little chunk of cash this way!*

There are many other networks that offer affiliates other than ShareASale, I've listed a few of those below:

Skimlinks - Affiliate Network
Skimlinks -- A bit different than your normal affiliate network - Instead of placing pre-made banners and links onto your site, you can chose a few different options that include: Creating your own links for any of their thousands of merchants that they work with, install their simple code onto your site and allow Skimlinks to search and place the needed tracking information for you among more. I personally believe that Skimlinks is a great affiliate to try out, they're one of my favorites!

Glitter Network - Affiliate
Glitter Network -- A cross between affiliate marketing and an ad network where you will find many photo banners to post onto your blog. Once someone clicks on the ad and completes the required conversion (Sale or Sign-Up) you receive a set money amount that ranges from 15 cents up to $20, adverage amount is about $1.50-$2 - $20 offers are rare but available at times.

LinkShare Affiliate Network
LinkShare Affiliates -- A top rated network that is partnered with tons of amazing companies that you can become an affiliate for. Many of the companies have special offers that they may ask you to be a part of, from time to time. (I personally have never cashed out with them yet but LOVE the many affiliate companies that they offer, including Walmart, Tractor Supply and even Fergie Footwear!)

Centerpoint Media Affiliate Network

CenterPoint Media -- A performance-based media company where I've been able to find many coupon offers as well as freebies and other similar low-cost offers. 

Postpresso is not only an affiliate site but a content creation platform as well!! One that allows you to create your blog posts around just about any product you want and quickly begin making money from your clicks! Many affiliate sites only pay when a sale or subscription is completed but Postpresso uses CPC (Cost per click) You won't find any products or services that need to be purchased by your readers on Postpresso so you can relax a bit and not worry so much about creating a spammy blog!! Our blogging dreams just got a little bit bigger!! Did I mention that Postpresso also has Post Starter ideas to help you get out of those frustrating writers block moments!!

If you would like to give to Postpresso a try - Consider helping a girl out and let me email you an invite. Leave your email and a comment mentioning Postpresso below and I'll get the referral over to you as soon as possible!

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  • Business 2 Blogger
    Business 2 Blogger is a network that connects businesses - looking for help - with bloggers for social media campaigns. Bloggers also have the opportunity to earn commissions by referring your business contacts to Business 2 Blogger and earning when they make a purchase. Affiliates of B2B can refer businesses as well and will collect a 30% commission on each purchase of services through the Business 2 Bloggler website that are made by those businesses
  • IZEA
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    Blog Post Creation &
    Social Media Share Help
    Once you become a member of Buffer you'll start noticing the option to "buffer" just about everything - Including-  Social Media Posts, highlighted words/phrases and so forth! Not to mention being able to take advantage of their handy-dandy link shortener!
    Buffer has save me so much time that I no longer use any of the other sharing options that other networks offer!! 


    Do you know of any other money makers that may be missing from my list?

    Money stacks

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    Saturday, August 11, 2018

    Enjoy the Benefits of Personalized Back to School Labels from Mabel's Labels

    Who's ready for Back 2 School Shopping?!

    I hate to admit this but it seems like our beloved Summer is coming to an end!! It won't be too much longer before relaxing in the pool becomes nothing but a memory... On the bright side though - Parents everywhere will soon be preparing their precious mini-humans for the upcoming Back to School season!! Unless your a mommy of a tiny kindergartener then I guarantee that you're just as excited as I am about sending the kids back to their Mandatory Babysitters AKA their teachers!! 

    But before we can do all of that... We got some shopping to do!! A lot shopping to do. And I don't know about you but there's nothing more frustrating then spending all that money on supplies and clothes for your child - only for them to come home weeks later claiming to have lost half of what you originally bought!! It's completely ridiculous! That's exactly why I've decided to spend a little extra cash this year on Personalized Labels from Mable's Labels!!! 

    Check out their Ultimate Back To School Combo Pack that includes 128 WATERPROOF labels and tags to guarantee your child's things don't get lost or stolen! They're perfect for backpacks, clothes, pencil cakes, lunch boxes, those pricey calculators, gym clothes and whatever else you need labeled!! 

    40 Mini Custom Name Labels
    70 Tag Mates (For clothes)
    16 Shoe Labels 
    2 Mini Tags

    Each and everyone is personalized with the name of your choice as well as one of their many icon designs and color options!!

    This is definitely a MUST HAVE  for Back to School! Other packages include: A Middle School Combo, Uniform package, Little Kid School Combo, Classroom Labels, Customizable Allergy Alert Labels
    and so much more!!

    Disclaimer: This blog accepts compensation in the form of products and/or monetary for selected posts which will be labeled as sponsored. Please note that I only write about items and/or services that myself or family have had personal experience with or believe my readers, will enjoy and/or benefit from. All opinions are my own and may differ from those of others.
    This post may contain affiliate links.
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