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Media Kit

Media Kit

Updated on August 18, 2014

My Kind Of Introduction

My name is Autumn and I run the blog My Kind Of Introduction. I'm a work at home mom with 2 beautiful little girls and 2 crazy cool step-sons. We live in a small country town outside of Asheville, NC. I'm an inspiring photographer who rarely goes anywhere without my camera. I take hundreds of photos daily and enjoy treating my review items like photo-shoots! (It's so fun!) The mini-photo shoots help me take and choose the perfect photos for my blog and social media shares. When it comes to being "Green" - I'm no where near organic but I try my best to be as eco-friendly as possible. Sometimes it's much harder than it seems! I also enjoy Arts and Crafts along with DIY Projects which helps my family be eco-friendly since my daughters and I can re-use many items instead of filling up the garbage cans over and over. Freelance Writing, short stories and poems also help pass by alot of my free time and I hope to make an eBook of my writings one day and maybe even a Blog Book containing my best reviews and projects as well. (I can't wait to get started but I have other tasks that will come first.) One of my favorite parts about being an Blogger/Influenser is connecting with many different people and brands/companies. I enjoy working with a variety of Large and Small Businesses including WAHMs, to help promote their products, services and/or brands while helping get their name out into the world, as well as growing my own name in the process. Being able to help someone's life and/or business, puts a huge smile on my face! Growing myself, as well as my blog means that I can do nothing but good for the Businesses and People that I work with. The more I grow, the better I can promote my sponsors! Are you interested in working together? I would love to add you to my inner circle!

So, Grab some coffee... Or in my case - Some Mountain Dew...
We got some brain storming to do!!
Autumn Banks - Blog OwnerFirst off I would like to let you know where else you can
find my content other than on my blog. Not all sources are listed below but I will be updating the list as often as I can.

I have been featured on the following Blogs:
Quoted by ThrifTee Gear 

My Kind Of Introduction is a Family Oriented blog where parents can find a variety of topics including: Children, Product and Book Reviews, Crafts, Eco-Friendly, Giveaways, Shopping Deals, Freebies and much more. What once started as a small, low-grade and very unknown “freebie blog”, has quickly transformed into a full blown "Mommy" blog in just a matter of months and is packet with juicy content! During the beginning of January 2013, I made the decision to become a full-time blogger. In doing so, this required me to post on my My Kind Of Introduction more often and grow my topics list, as well as followers. I've acquired a vast collection of business connections that have helped me tremendously throughout my blogging career and continue to do so today. My blog is most often visited by mothers who are continuously on the look out for the next "big thing" that can make their lives, or those of their family and friends, easier and/or more exciting. My ability to help others is what keeps me going each day and I wouldn't change it for the world. I've finally found my dream
Blog Statistics: (Updated on August 18, 2014)
Average Monthly Page Views – 3,500
Unique Monthly Visitors – 1,500
Global Alexa Rating – 1,513,768
US Alexa Rating – 166,831
Page Rank - 2

Facebook Fans – 4,401

Twitter Followers – 3,307
Pinterest Followers – 1,519
Instagram Followers - 258
Google+ - In 378 Circles -- 833 Friends
YouTube Subscribers - 273
Klout – 56
Influenser – 5,213
BzzAgent – 6.5 

Based on internet averages, My Kind Of Introduction is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range of 25-44, have children and view the site from home.

Available Services:

    I Love my Post
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Product Reviews
  • Host Giveaways 
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Ad Space on blog
    My Sponsorship Policies:

    Guest Posts – Always FREE
    Sponsored Guest Posts – $15
    Sponsored Posts – $20 - $30 (depending on content)
    Contest or Sale Post - $10 - $20 (depending on content)
    Press Release/Info-graphic - $15 - $25 (depending on content)
    View more information on my Sponsored Post Rate Page located in the tabs at the top of the blog!

    Reviews - Send me one or more of your products and I will test them with my family and/or friends. I’ll type up an honest review on my blog and share it on all of my social media networks. Depending on the product and extent of testing, Reviews will require between 2 to 6 weeks before completed.

    Giveaway - After I reviewing your products, you have the opportunity of sponsoring a giveaway on my blog using one or more of your products/services as the prize. You will be responsible for prize shipment and have the choice of US only, Worldwide, etc. I will also do giveaways without a sample or product to review before hand, for a small fee.

    AdsI reserve the right to refuse any ad due to: content of ad, product/website being promoted or if I feel like it doesn't fit with well with the values of My Kind Of Introduction.

    Ad Rates:

    Payment Policies:

    Payments must be sent through Pay-Pal and received at a minimum of 24-48 hours after sponsored content published. Other arrangements can be made if need be, please let me know if you would like to discus the payment policies further. If payment is not received and no explanation has been given - Sponsored Content will be removed until payment exchange is complete.

    Products for Review must be received between four to eight weeks before sponsored content is to be scheduled and published. (Time span may vary depending on the Product(s) it'self and it's uses/services) All Payments are final!

    "I want to let those with products know what an amazing job Autumn Banks did reviewing my eBook. Not only did she write an awesome review with lots of detail about why she liked the book and even what her kids and husband liked about it, but she also put her review into Amazon. So if you have a product that will be marketed there, you know how important those Amazon reviews are."
    - Anne Medlin Newsome - Author of What to Cook for Dinner for Picky Eaters

    "Working with My Kind Of Introduction was a very pleasant experience. All sponsored content was posted in a timely manor with no complications and Autumn Banks was extremely polite. I recommend My Kind Of Introduction to any small business looking to work with a family oriented blogger."
    - Jameson Morris at Conscious Box

    "Working with My Kind of Introduction has been a great pleasure!! I'm happy Autumn found me. Not only has she given me a great review, she has brought many new fans to the page. It makes me proud that I have been able to please someone and hear their feedback. Autumn is a VERY friendly person. Speaking with her was extremely easy, I felt as if I've known her forever. I've been following her blog for some time now and love her reviews. She says it how it is. I admire someone that has the guts to put their feelings about products out there for everyone to see and give pointers on how to improve products and/or services. I'm looking forward to working with Autumn as well as My Kind of Introduction in the future."

    - Amanda Dillow at Little Harmony Bowtique

    If you happen to be interested in working together or would like more information:
    Please contact me, Autumn Banks, via email at
    (Please try and chose a catchy subject title so your email don't get over looked or possibly deleted.)

    I look forward to doing business with you in the near future and hope you have a wonderful upcoming Fall Season!

    Searching for Bloggers like me?

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