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My name is Autumn and I'm a family oriented blogger and photographer from Asheville, North Carolina. I'm a WAHM who runs the blogs: My Kind Of Introduction & Thru My Eyes Photography. I have two ambitious daughters (ages 11 & 12) along with 2 amazing step-sons (ages 7 months & 4), who I love just like they were my own. 

I'm a Photography freak and have regret every time I leave the house without my camera. Creativity runs in my family so I consider myself to be a girl of many talents. A few of my favorite talents include: Photography, Creative Writing, Art, Design, Crafting/DIY, Computer Smarts, Math (I could use a refresher) and I'm pretty darn good with a hula-hoop and a jump-rope (but I can't cross)!! I also enjoy video games and have been known to spend many many hours with a controller in my hands -"The Fable Series" for XBOX 360 are my all time favorite games to play! (My fiance is a gamer as well and he likes to play while I blog.) I also LOVE Faeries and have never spelt it as: fairy... to me, it's spelled: faerie. Since I'm a lover of Faeries and Video Games, it shouldn't be a surprise that I'm a fantasy freak as well! I'm a HUGE fan of fantasy novels and dream about living in a fantasy world, living my life as a beautiful Faerie Princess with no worries in the world! (Have you noticed the little kid inside of me start to come out yet?) It's not just faeries that I enjoy about the fantasy world, I love it all! Vampires, dragons, werewolves, wizards, magic and all the other mystical beings!! (I'm not a nerd but my creativity stretches far. Not to mention that my imagination is quiet large and runs away from me often.)

When I meet someone for the first time, I tend to come off a bit shy and distant but once I get to know you... you'll get to know the real me pretty quick! I can be very bubbly and silly but have my days where I need to be left alone. (Don't we all though?) I don't get very much alone time since my daughters are with me 24/7 (Minus the school hours) so I try to steal quiet moments every chance I get. Which normally mean that I stay up VERY late at night so I can enjoy the silence and get some work done in peace. Something else that not many know is that I sometimes suffer from a case of depression. It varies in severity but never to a dangerous level, I'm managing pretty well since I've been dealing with it for many years. I'm not quiet a social butterfly in person but I'm doing my best at expanding my face-to-face people skills. Online, on the other hand, I have few fears. I express myself, wants and needs, much better through written words than I do through speech. Making videos has started helping me with my face-to-face people skills... Baby steps! I'm a determined, easy-going gal that's squishing and re-training every Dreamcrusher that happened to cross my path! (A Dreamcrusher is someone who don't believe that your goals and dreams are possible and always thinks on the dark side of things. These people are NOT good for you! I have MANY of these Dreamcrushers and I've learned that staying away and/or NOT telling these people your dreams is a great way to ignore their negative energy toward you.)

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*About our Blog ~ My Kind Of Introduction*

I originally started my blog as a freebie blog and for the first 8 or 9 months, I posted every now and then (About once or twice a month) and didn't give it much thought. In January 2013, I got the sudden urge to turn my small “freebie blog” into a full blown family oriented blog and started posting daily. My Kind Of Introduction quickly grew from a tiny low grade freebie blog to a full size family oriented blog with many topics. It's still a work in process and since I've been known to change my mind often... my blog may always be a changing work of art. (At least it will be art in my eyes, hopefully yours too) A few examples of the topics that I blog about are: Reviews (Product, Book, TV/Movies, Food, etc), Parenting, Life Struggles, Eco-Friendly/Green (I am NOT Organic by any means but I am baby-steppin' in the right direction), Freebies and Shopping deals (I had to keep my freebie fetish) LOTS of Giveaways, and of course – My photography is posted throughout all of My Kind Of Introduction. Even though I mentioned above that I'm an Asheville NC blogger, My Kind Of Introduction do not post strictly local WNC information and events. I have a special area for all local posts and you can find more events and information for other locations through out my blog. My blog posts are shared daily to many readers who live in all corners of our dear Mother Earth. I enjoy hearing and learning about new places as well as local. I haven't done much traveling yet but I would love to start! Being able to explore and travel is one of my biggest dreams that I tend to reach one day.

I would also like to mention that at My Kind Of Introduction, we have a wonderful Business Promotion Program where many steps are made to ensure the best turn out possible for clients and their Brand/Business as well as their products; Meaning that I will use all business and personal resources while running campaigns to have the best outcomes possible by ensuring that all of the right people hear about products and services that interest them. Other services that we offer include: Facebook/Twitter Parties, Social Media Promotion as well as Product reviews and giveaways. They all fall within our promotion packages.

For more information: View our Product and Service Information page.

You can find my Media Kit among the tabs above. I've added a brief look into my reach and numbers below. Perhaps you will be able to get a good feel of our traffic and audience rates, which could lead to endless collaborating opportunities!
More information can be found via my Media Kit.

Facebook Fans - 4,451
Twitter Followers - 3,637
Pinterest Followers - 1,277
Global Alexa - 6,558,625
US Alexa - 789,365

My Kind Of Introduction is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range of 18-34, have children and view the site from home.

I also attended The 2013 Blog Workshop Online Conference!

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I look forward to hearing from you and possibly working together in the near future!!

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Thru My Eyes Photography Collage

About My Photography

I've always loved the camera, ever since I was a child. I remember having my mama buy new rolls of film often and trying to convince my mamaw to buy a few cheap throw-away cameras so I could take lots and lots of pictures! (I have a mass collection of pictures taken during my school years!) Now that I'm an adult, I'm an inspiring photographer who would rather take every photo outdoors. I'm no where near as outdoorsy many people are but when it comes to my photography, I'd rather be outdoors. I'd rather work with natural light then struggle with indoor lighting. I pretty much photograph anything that catches my eye..... A flower, An odd shaped tree, or even a face that caught my eye through a crowd. Photography is a huge part of my life. Taking photographs "makes my heart super happy" because I'm able to capture a special moment that we will never get back. At the click of a button I have frozen an important moment that my clients as well as myself, can re-live over and over again.

You can view more of my photography at Thru My Eyes PhotographyI'm currently updating my the site and everything should be completed in just over a week or so. Please don't let this stop you from visiting Thru My Eyes Photography! The site will be live throughout the full updating process and your viewing should not be interrupted at anytime. All Nature Photography is now available for purchase as well - Just $5 Per Print!

Other than my blog and Photography Website, I also have a Photography Blog.
It too, will be getting a new look very soon.
You can view my work at the links below:

Thru My Eyes Photography

Photography from the Carolina's ~ Thru My Eyes

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