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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Perfect Back to School Lunch Box

My daughters will be going into the 1st and 2nd grade in the upcoming school year and I believe I've lost my mind! Where has the time gone? 
Even though we've still got a month or so before it's time for Back-to-school, I've already started looking around for some of the things that they may need. For example - A lunch box
My girls LOVE bringing their own lunch to school, mainly because they think it's cool but another reason is due to my youngest daughter's Strawberry Milk Addiction... meaning that if she can't put strawberry flavoring into her milk, then she ain't drinking it! She's somewhat of a picky child but it comes to her honestly because I am pretty picky myself!
Anyways -- Last school year, Jade and Loran had about 2 or 3 different lunch boxes throughout the year and we seemed to loose them right before one of the kids asked to pack a lunch. It could get very frustrating at times. So this year I wanted to see what else was available to us for packing lunches. I've  never though about looking online for my daughters' lunch box before, I've been missing out!

What I found was a lunch box that you store in the freezer and when in use, it will keep the food cold for up to 10 hours!!! It's called the PackIt and I've never seen anything like this little bag, until now! There is a video on the PackIt website that explains it better than I will but what I can tell you is that these lunch boxes fold up flat to help with space in the freezer and stay cold enough for me to send some Strawberry Milk to school with Jade!!! She's going to be so excited!! Loran will to because no one enjoys soggy fruit.
I haven't bought any yet but as soon as my daughters get home from their memaws house, I'm planning on making an order!
This is the best time to buy the PackIts because they are having a BOGO sale!!!!

Buy One and Get One FREE!!!!!
I'm not sure how long the sale will last so you may want to hurry!
No parent should miss out on this Must-Have Back-To-School Lunch Box!!

Learn more about the PackIt Lunch box by clicking the banners or link above.

Here is a photo of my daughters and their school mascot... The BobCat!

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