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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Label More - Lose Less

I've been on a Back-To-School kick lately and the only explanation is that each year, I somehow get behind on supply shopping and have to start rushing once the 1st day of school begins to creep closer! I hate it! The couple weeks before school is the worse time to be in a store!! You get the bottom of the barrel choices and the isles are always crammed with other parents who are rushing as well! So this year I've decided to start early! I'm sure that somehow or another, I'll end up rushing to get something I forgot but I'll deal with that situation when the time comes.
--- At the moment, I would like to switch over to Labeling! ---
It starts in Preschool and carries on deep into Adulthood. People tend to lose things often and when you spend your hard earned money on for example - "The Perfect Back-To-School Lunch Box", the last thing you want to hear a week later is that your son left it on the bus. Or when your daughter misplaces her favorite Faerie Princess nap towel at school and you suddenly start to wonder if her name is still written on the tag, since you hadn't checked since the beginning of the year!
It happens! Even grown-ups lose stuff every now and then... not to mention the need to make sure those sneaky co-workers will know who's lunch NOT to eat :)

My point is.... Labeling is a MUST these days!
When it comes to Back To School, I'd like to help...

Mabel's Labels has a deal going on right now with their Ultimate Back To School Combo Pack which has over 100 Personalized Labels! They come in different sizes so they'll fit on just about anything! Clothes, Books, Backpacks & Lunch Boxes, nap towels and anything else you don't want lost. You'll save $3 as well as receiving a coupon for $5 off of a really cool looking Laptop Lunches Bento Box (while supplies last) when you buy the Ultimate Back To School Combo Pack.
Even though school is over a month away.... You know the saying "The early bird gets the worm", right?This deal won't be around for very long since it ends on July 31!!!
Snag your labels now and lose less later :)

OooOOooOH I almost forgot!! Mabel's Labels has recently decided to offer FREE SHIPPING to the US!!
(No minimum purchase required <- my favorite part!)

To Shop or Visit Mabel's Labels - Click the banner or link above.
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