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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Funday

A collection of photos and videos showing how we spent our Sunday at home while "the man of the house" was at work all day!

The girls filled up some left over water balloons from the party yesterday. Mj was outside when I let the girls start filling up the balloons but he found them a few minutes later and started helping with the balloons too. They had alot of fun and ended up eating some left over cake and playing with some tiny water guns :) We ended our Sunday Funday with funny faces then the kids watched a movie while in bed!

Jade don't like being hit or splashed with water but Loran and Mj didn't seem to care
The kids also helped me try a new product that we received for review!
The Wizor (review coming soon!)


Gotta love kids!!

How did you spend you Sunday?

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