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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Enhance your Weight Loss by adding FitGum

#Sponsored by FitGum

Don't you hate it when your trying to lose weight and those between meal cravings get the best of you?
I hear it all the time: “I keep trying to eat right and stay healthy but sometimes I cheat every now and then.”
Even though I have never struggled with my weight personally, I've watched many people close to me have trouble dropping even the smallest amount of pounds. When it comes down to it, staying healthy don't always pertain to your weight. It's a combination of eating right, regular exercise along with fighting those between meal cravings and urges of sweets (which goes back to eating right).

I believe that I've found the perfect treat for those sneaky cravings that everyone deals with at some point in time. It's called FitGum – A sugar-free gum that supports healthy fat metabolism. The active ingredients in FitGum can help enhance your weight loss results if combined with the right amount of exercise and a healthy diet. FitGum contains supplements that are well-known and successfully used in the fitness industry. The key ingredients include: Green Tea, Citric Extract, Hawthorne, Bioperine and small amount of Chromium Chloride.
FitGum will not work if it's used alone – It's intended to be added to a healthy routine to help enhance results.

When asked if I wanted to review FitGum, I wasn't sure at first. I then remembered that a good friend of mine was looking for something to help her get ready for Summer, so I asked if she was interested and she was all for it.
Melissa received 4 packs of FitGum and started chewing on the first day. It depends on how many cravings you have on how long a pack will last you. There are 10 pieces of gum in each pack and it's possible to chew a whole pack in one day. One thing that Melissa enjoyed about FitGum is the taste, she mentioned that the spearmint flavor wasn't overcome by the normal bitterness that she's noticed in other sugar-free gum. She had no problem popping in a piece or 2 of FitGum when she ran across those crazy cravings or while doing her workout.

Since Melissa started FitGum, she's been getting closer to her goal and will is just about there. While Melissa did most of the work with her healthy routine, the FitGum was right there with her, giving her that extra push. Along with explaining how she liked FitGum to me, Melissa wrote up a little something to help explain her thoughts:

"FitGum is GREAT to help with the in-between meal cravings. Not only is it super affordable, it has also helped me have smaller snacks along with fresher breath. It's as simple as carrying it in your car or purse and enjoying 1 or 2 pieces after any meal or workout. I've noticed a positive change when it comes to working near my goal and I owe that to FitGum."

FitGum can be purchased online and in selected stores.
If you would like to learn more about FitGum or find a store location near you:
Visit the FitGum website or on Facebook.

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  1. Please contact FITGUM office at 818-766-3310 . We are very happy that we are able to make a difference in your life, and thank you for sharing with everyone your experience with FITGUM.


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