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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tearing Up with ClubDaddy -- My Fiance's Story

Earlier this year, I did a promotion for DaddyScrubs on my blog. (I did a review and giveaway of their signature product... the DaddyScrubs themselves!) I got the chance to pick out a pair of the scrubs for Alan and let him review them for me. The girls LOVED it when he wore his green DaddyScrubs with the words “I'm The Daddy” printed on the back! I ended up taking a photo of Alan and the girls in the field across the street, with the girls pointing and showing excitement toward their daddy's new outfit! I sent the photo to my contact for DaddyScrubs and ended up getting a reply saying that they would love to add Alan to ClubDaddy! I wasn't sure what exactly that meant except that the photo was going to be added to their albums and shared with their fans on social media (mainly Facebook). I also received a couple interview questions that Alan was suppose to answer that we completely forgot about (I'll have him answer the interview questions soon, even though it's very late. I'll just post his answers on my blog instead of sending them to DaddyScrubs since they would be about a month overdue!!) Realizing that I forgot about the interview questions, I received an email that said my package has been sent.... I got confused but quickly got side tracked and DaddyScrubs didn't cross my mind again until Alan walked up to me one day with a box asking if I had ordered something for him that he wasn't suppose to know about! I had no clue what was in that box and was extremely surprised when Alan started opening it! Not only did I tear up (like always) but Alan did too! Being appreciated for all the hard work he puts in for our family, really touched him! He has 5 kids, including our 2 daughters. CW is 14, MJ is 10, Bre is 11(who we NEVER see and probably won't for MANY years! That's a different post for another day...), Loran will be 7 in less than 2 weeks and then there's Jade who just turned 6! Even though Alan don't get to see his boys as much he likes, they both know that their daddy loves them. I couldn't of chosen a better father for my daughters! He's truly a wonderful man in many different ways!

Our Family
(A couple years ago - We need to take a new one soon!)

Read below to hear what Alan thought of his package, in his own words:

“About a week or so ago I came in from work not having the greatest day but it wasn't a BAD day... it could have been worse. I was home for a couple hours when the UPS man came knocking at the door. I figured it was something for Autumn since she gets packages all the time, but she was in the back room, so I opened the door. To my surprise, the big box was for me! I went and asked Autumn if she had ordered anything that I wasn't suppose to know about since I knew I hadn't ordered anything lately. She said No and we checked the label to see who the package was from. It was from DaddyScrubs. I got put into a daddy club somehow, not sure how but I did. In the box I found a certificate saying “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy!“ Along with the certificate came a pair of sunglasses, a coffee cup, a $10 gift card, a water bottle and 2 bracelets from DaddyScrubs. It made my day a lot better, I even teared up a couple times through out the afternoon. I was so happy that I ran down the hill to one of my neighbors house, that I am pretty good friends with, and told them all about it. It was one of the best days I have had in my life, made me feel like a million bucks. The bracelets have been on my wrist ever since I got the package. Not many people see everything I do for my family. I bust my butt working 2 jobs just to try to make ends meet and sometimes it don't feel like anyone notices. So this made me feel very happy to see that someone sees I am. To me, I am the best father out there! Still over a week later and I still smile when I look down and see my bracelets or when I walk in the house and see my certificate. I placed it on my wall in a spot to where I can see when I walk in my house or when I am on my couch. It really made me feel a lot better about being a parent. Glad to see that some people want to recognize fathers, for once!”

-- Written By Alan W. --

"Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy!"

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To learn more about ClubDaddy or if you would like to browse the DaddyScrubs website, visit --

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  1. That saying Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy! gives me the chills. My Husband is such a good father to my Daughter... who is not his child, but he treats her like she is his. She is older and is so thankful to have my Hubs in her life.

    1. Your husband must be a good man because some step-dads can be horrible people! I had one myself for many years and I would never put my daughters through that! I'm super happy with my choice of a father to my girls. You and your daughter are lucky to have a great man in your lives :-)

  2. Love this! What a unique gift idea and a nice way to cheer up any Dad.

  3. Well, that's just too sweet:). Thanks for sharing at the Owl's Skull this week!! I bet he deserves it:). Jess


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