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Saturday, June 29, 2013

A New #Hashtag Happenings - #IfIWroteFortuneCookies

I've decided to change up my #Hashtag Happenings series to spice things up a bit! I quickly got tired of my other version and needed a change.
Instead of posting various tweets from a chosen #hashtag, I'm still going to chose one of the #hashtags but one that requires an answer. I'll give the subject "All that I've got" and see what kind of crazy stuff can pop into my brain from the crazy Twitter #Hashtags! (Who comes up with these things anyways??)

Sound like fun?

Today's #Hashtag is: #IfIWroteFortuneCookies
(Trended on 6/29/2013 at 5:25am EST)
This hashtag is one where I'll have to finish the sentence 

#IfIWroteFortuneCookies - I would come up with some really "off the wall" and random fortunes! A few right off the top of my head would be:
  • Your future is unknown - Please insert fortune back into cookie and try again
  • Warning! You will star in a Rodney Carrington joke very soon
  • The Fashion Police are still looking for you, RUN!
  • They lied to you!! What are you going to do about it?
  • Smile, Your Beautiful :)
  • Forget the one who made you cry - they aren't worth it
  • If they're in your past... Leave them there
  • You won't eat this cookie, Will you? I bet your a little upset about this fortune too.... but will never admit it :)
#IfIWroteFortuneCookies, there would be no Lucky Numbers or Lotto Guesses... Some people let these so called "Lucky Numbers" run their life and who wants to be controlled by a few numbers found inside a cookie?

#IfIWroteFortuneCookies they would be awesome

My favorite tweet that I ran across was

"A big change is coming. If you want anything more specific than that, don't ask a cookie."  ()

Go ahead! Join in on the fun with me! This hashtag has endless possiablities of random and awesome responses! I would LOVE to hear the rest of your sentence! 
:) Don't be shy, it's alot of fun!

Finish the sentence: #IfIWroteFortuneCookies ........................

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