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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Soaking Wet Saturday - Water Party

At 5pm today, we will be having a combined Birthday Party for our 2 daughters. They are so close in age that having one party is cheaper, easier and the girls love it! This year I have been so stressed out with everything that I have going on in my life right now that I wasn't able to actually plan the party! My fiance seems to think that planning a party is a piece of cake, his words were "Just buy a cake and invite people over, how hard is that?"
Ummmm.... That's not exactly how I see things.

In my eyes - You have too:

  • Choose a Theme
  • Decide on Activities
  • Make a supply list
  • Purchase Supply list - Double check list
  • Order or Make the cake
  • Start setting things up the day before party
  • Have party -- Have fun
Did I forget anything?

Anyways -- The point is that today we are having a Water Themed Birthday Party. We have a Slip n' Slide and I'm planning on buying Water Balloons as well. Yes I said PLANNING on buying! We have nothing purchased or planned and I'm in a bit of a panic but as long as my family shows up then everything should be okay since Loran and Jade don't care too much for the fancy stuff, hanging out and having fun should be just fine for them... I hope

Wish me luck everyone!!

Need a laugh for the day? Check out this collage of my fiance and I along with our close friends, going down the slip n'
 slide for some Grown-Up fun!

What kind of planning do you do before throwing a party?
I would love your feedback! :)

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