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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Comparing Faces

I've decided to join the crowd with a Series of Featured Daily Posts!
Beginning with today - Wordless Wednesdays

Comparing Faces - My daughters and I - Photo's at 1yr of Age 

Me aka Autumn



Do we look alike?


  1. Aww - you are all so cute! And look so much alike!

  2. Aww you do :) I shared a photo on my personal page of my daughter and I at 3... we're practically twins!

  3. Aw thanks yall!! The girls look completely different now and this is the first time I've put our same age photos together! I was quiet surprised! I'll have to do this again with a different age soon! Loran looks just like her daddy these days and I no longer get the urge to pop off Jade's perfectly round head and bounce it :) -- Yes, You read right lol Her head was so round and chubby that it reminded me of a cute little bouncy ball!

    "No children were harmed during any random thinking moments - Just a lot of giggles and tickles!" LOL

  4. What an awesome idea, love it! You really do look alike! :-)

  5. Aww, so cute photos! Yes, you do look alike!


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