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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shapes in Nature - Kids Activity

I love this photo! I call it Ducks in a Row! I took it a few years ago, I had my mama stop on the side of the road  just so  I could get some shots of the duck family! The daddy was there too but he didn't make it into this photo.
Shapes in Nature

Nature is full of all different kinds of shapes, their every where you go. In the trees, in the sky, throughout the flowers and flowing in the rivers, lakes and oceans! Exploring through nature can be an extremely fun experience! Not to mention the family bonding time!

I remember reading about a Nature Shapes activity in a Girl Scouts book that I bought at the local Goodwill but I can't find the book at the moment. I'm going to paraphrase the activity from memory for you! I'm planning on doing this activity with my daughters soon! (Maybe later on today if it don't rain!) Bring the whole family along and make it a group walk! There is no telling what kind of stories and funny remarks your kids will come up while yall are exploring Nature together!

Take your kids for a walk through your neighborhood or a close by nature trail or park. Give your kids each a notebook and pencil (Or clipboard and pencil) to carry along with them on your walk. Look around with the kids and see what kind of shapes you can find in the nature.

Do they see any Squares? Ovals? Circles?
What about Triangles, Diamonds or maybe some straight lines?!

*Optional ~ Before your walk, you can have your child(ren) pick their favorite shape and draw it at the top of their paper so they can remember to keep an eye out for their shape in nature, throughout your walk. 

Encourage your kids to be creative - Have them draw some of the nature shapes that they see. If they chose a favorite shape then have them see how many things in Nature they can find that matches their shape!

This is a great activity for Summer time to help keep your kids' brains working so they don't loose all they learned during the previous school year. Noone likes Summer Brain! It's also a wonderful activity to help get ready for Kindergarten or Preschool!

I see a Circle!!! OOooOO And lots of Ovals!

I hope you enjoy your walk with your little ones! Spending time together is so important and sometimes we forget that... I know I do sometimes :(
My daughters LOVE Nature and being outside, I can't wait to take a walk and see what all we can find and draw!
I'll post pictures soon!!


  1. Some great ideas for my daycare blog!

  2. My girls would enjoy doing this when we take our walks along the shoreline.

  3. Great photos! I love using photography for activity time. It is fun and creative, while also enjoying nature.

  4. Beautiful pictures and what a creative idea. Nature and education. I love that.

  5. What a fun activity! I am sure my daughter will love this one especially since it means her taking photos.

  6. What an awesome, fun learning activity! I can see so many ways for it to be adapted for older students.

    1. I agree April! The options are pretty much endless! Getting into nature and learning at the same time is a HUGE plus!! For any age!

  7. We have lots of geese in our back yard.... Babies everywhere!!


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