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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Elmo’s Learning Adventure Gift Package - FREE Backpack

School's Out For The Summer!!
(Did you just sing that sentence, like I did?)

It won't be too much longer before it's time to start getting those Preschoolers ready for their big step into Kindergarten!

It's hard to believe that my youngest daughter graduated kindergarten just 2 days ago, while her sister is on her way into the 2nd grade! Time flies by so fast!

My aunt ordered her son the Elmo’s Learning Adventure Gift Package a couple weeks ago and her little man was super excited when he received his backpack!! (I wish my camera wouldn't of been broken so I could of taken a picture of his little face!) He's been a big Sesame Street Fan for years but Who doesn't love Elmo!? Right?! (My Sesame Street favorites are Zoey and Abby hehe) The primary colored backpack is not as small as I figured it would be and Collin ran off with the books as soon as he found them. Him and my 2 daughters spent the whole afternoon looking at the new books while sprawled out all over the bedroom floor, it was so cute!

You can now order the whole Elmo’s Learning Adventure Gift Package for just $7.95!!

This gift set includes:

  • Hardcover Storybooks
  • Activity Books
  • Adventure Cards w/ a small flip-top Storage Box & Divider Cards
  • Small Colorful Bookcase
  • A FREE Elmo backpack

The Elmo’s Learning Adventure Gift Package is truly an Awesome deal!
Even if your child decides to take another backpack to school, the things he or she will learn during the summer with the Activity and Storybooks will help them during those first few weeks of Kindergarten. I haven't gotten the chance to see the Adventure Cards yet but I plan on finding them on my next trip to Collin's house.... they sound really cool!! The backpack (along with the books) are also great for Summer Traveling! Just pack up a few clothes, toss in a couple books and head out for your trip - Your child will be learning & entertained through the whole trip!

Nothing's better than finding a learning opportunity that has more than one use!! Don't you agree?
To purchase or learn more, click the banners above.

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