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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tiring Thursdays - Summer Cleaning

-- "About to fall over on this gloomy Tiring Thursday" --

Right before I passed out I took this picture.... I guess I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and needed something to talk about today :)

This week has been nothing but cleaning cleaning cleaning, at my house and I ended up falling asleep earlier today and got WAYYY behind!! Now I'm in panic mode and extremely tired! I feel like I'm moving as slow as a turtle and I don't believe that I'll finish what needs to get done......
My landlord is due to stop my tomorrow and then I have Loran and Jade's birthday to do on Saturday!!!!

Not to mention that Alan works 2 jobs and has been helping me as much as he can but truthfully..... the birthday party is not planned and I have no clue how that's going to turn out and the clothes seem to be multiplying. Atleast we had a little cookout on each of the girls' actual birthday...

(My bed... lost in clothes!)
This is a tiny bit of what
I keep having to go through!
Last night I stayed up for many hours, simply going through boxes, drawers and fresh loads of clothes. I ended up surrounded in boxes and piles of clothes. The one thing about Season change is the need to trade out clothes. My daughters had LOTS of clothes but now I know that they don't all fit......

This is going to be a LONG day... I have more clothes to do and just found another big box of summer clothes that I had forgotten about!

I see a Yard Sale or BIG Donation in my near future.... Maybe even both!

That's why I'm having to cut this so short due to my house being tore apart from what I'v gotten started and haven't finished yet.....

I'll update on my progress when I get a free moment!

Wish me luck!!
I'm going to need it!

For some reason,
I decided to look up the word Tiring.....

Yep.... That's me!!

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