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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Week of Broken Electronics...

Soooooooo Not only did my camera decide to stop working last week but our internet was off for 1 day and now the router will no longer work either! So I ONLY have internet on my computer. That seems okay, right? NOT! I use Instagram alot to post review photos and other fun pictures and they show up on the sidebar of my blog. I now have a Marilyn Monroe photo that my daughter Instagramed (accidentally lol) on her birthday almost 2 weeks ago and a photo of my fiance and our best-friend. I'm itching to add new photos to my instagram! I don't have internet on my phone because I never saw the point in spending money on something when I'm not away from the house enough to truly take advantage of the Wifi. I'm a WAHM who barley leaves my house, I have Wifi at home along with my phone and cable.... But I have now went just over a week with no wifi! We have no Netflix, no Laptop at night before bed, no Instagram, and no cool new apps to keep me busy when my daughters insist that I watch them climb a tree that they climb daily! We're pretty sure that all we need to do is get a new router but our budget won't allow one right now, just like it won't allow for a new camera. I'm hoping that I can get my camera working again because it's wasn't cheap and I consider my camera another child so I'm extremely lost without it!! My phone camera has NOTHING on my baby aka my poor poor sickcamera!
This girl is in major need of a working camera and some wifi!!

Anything not been going the way you wished this month?

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