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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dirt Broke Gourmet - Land Crab Salad

**Hip Hip Hooray for Dirt Broke Gourmet!**
haha that rhymes.. it made me giggle :-D 

A month or so ago, I won an awesome giveaway on the Dirt Broke Gourmet Facebook page and ended up winning 5 unique Dip Mixes of my choice! I ran across Dirt Broke Gourmet when I saw a random notification in my Facebook newsfeed from where someone had liked their photo. I noticed the page name "Dirt Broke Gourmet" and then once I saw the profile picture, I had to go see what this page was all about. To understand what caught my eye... Glance up at the little crazy man with his pockets turned out, in the drawing above... Lets just say that - I was curious. I ended up really enjoying what I found and was quiet surprised. (Explained below) I even entered a few giveaways that they were having and never expected to win but was super excited when I did!!
The rest of the story..... Is your reading material for today,

(Names Listed Below
Starts at left-top
Ends at right-bottom)

The Mixes that I chose were:
  • That Dip
  • Land Crab
  • Fully Loaded Potato Dip
  • Hey Whitey
  • She's Got Crabs
Yes I know the flavor names are a bit odd but I love it!! Makes things unique and adds some new interest to what could of been a lame named mix!
Dirt Broke Gourmet is no where near lame.... Their pretty awesome!
I'll explain...

If you've never heard of Dirt Broke Gourmet then I strongly suggest that you check them out soon! They sale all kinds of mixes for just about everything, including -- Cheesecake, Dips, Drinks, Breads, Cookies, Pickler Kits, Main and Side Dishes, Popcorn Seasonings and SOOOOOOOOO much more!!! Dirt Broke Gourmet has so many options to chose from that I can't type them all up! Their prices are extremely cheap.... hence the name - Dirt Broke. Not to mention that their highest shipping charge is only $11!!!!

To tell you a little more about them, I've copied some wording that I found on their website:

"Welcome to Dirt Broke Gourmet! How Dirt Broke Gourmet started was 14 years ago when we did farmers’ markets, as a family of 4 I could only can and freeze so much of the left over market veggies. So the first dip was born! We would take our left over market veggies dry them add some other spices. Our first dip was radish dip. We would make these dips and when someone would buy some veggies they would get a free dip! This went over very well! Then in 2007 we lost our farm to a foreclosure. We lost everything we had! At the end of 2007 our market customers came to us and told us we should market our dips! They liked them that much! So then Dirt Broke Gourmet was born! We figured there was only one name for it! And with a name of Dirt Broke we keep our prices so everyone can  enjoy a treat! A couple of years after us selling our dips one of our customers came to us and wanted to start selling our products! So then the Dirt broke Gourmet consultants were born! And today we have consultants in many states. And more states adding daily. At Dirt Broke Gourmet we have fun no matter where we are, a Dirt Broke Party, craft show, or even our Dirt Broke meetings! Come and join our team today!
Thanks for reading our story God Bless!"
--Dave & April Nicholson & Boys

You can view all products from Dirt Broke Gourmet at:

I decided to try the "Land Crab Mix" first. "Land Crab" is Chicken, if you didn't already figure that out. (I love the odd names, it makes things fun!)

The regular directions for the "Land Crab" Dip are printed on the back label (in photo above) but I wanted to try something different. Since I'm a HUGE chicken fan and have turned both of my daughters into chicken fans as well, I decided to mix a little of the Dip Mix into some shredded chicken!

* Dirt Broke - Land Crab Salad *
  • I started by opening up and draining a can of shredded chicken and put it into a medium sized bowl.
  • I then poured a small amount of "Land Crab" Mix into the chicken as well as a small amount of mayonnaise. (It all depends on how thick or creamy you like it) I didn't add alot of both ingredients - I wanted to save some dip mix for a later food project.
  • I then mixed it all together and added the chicken mix to some bread and made us a few Land Crab Sandwiches!
It was a wonderful, quick lunch for my daughters and I since my fiance was working all night. You could taste many flavors and even catch a crunch of - what I thought of as - either Onion or Garlic. I loved it and went back for more, my daughters ate seconds too!!  We ended up all eating one sandwich and then had a bit of the chicken mix by itself as well.... It tasted great either way and was gone before we knew it! I can't wait to make some more soon!
We call it our "Dirt Broke - Land Crab Salad!"
(It's our quick and cheap version since we didn't add any extras.)

We haven't tried the other mixes yet but I'm sure we'll figure out a way to use those in a different way as well!!! I wonder how delicious those will be!? I'm looking forward to finding some NON-SPICY crab meat so I can try our "She's Got Crabs" Dip Mix! YUM! If you've never tried any of Dirt Broke Gourmet's awesome dips and mixes, then I personally suggest you to check out their site or facebook page and be amazed!! I've never seen or heard of a similar brand like Dirt Broke and I'm super glad that I randomly ran across them! The names may catch you by surprise but that's what makes them stand out!

Their Unique!

Don't forget their motto...
"When Life Sucks - Just Dip It!"

Have you ever heard of Dirt Broke Gourmet before now?
What's your opinion of the choices made by Dirt Broke Gourmet for Flavor Names?
It's a question that's screaming to be asked! :)

Make sure you visit Dirt Broke Gourmet on Facebook!!
They have all kinds of fun things going on!
Tell them Autumn from My Kind Of Introduction sent you!!

This is not a sponsored post. I won the mentioned products fair and square and personally decided to brag to all my friends (aka my readers/followers) about how cool I believe Dirt Broke Gourmet is.
All opinions are my own at My Kind Of Introduction.


  1. I had to laugh when I found out Land Crab was chicken. LOL... just struck me as funny. My Hubs would want to try the She Got Crabs.

    1. :0) My fiance picked out the "She's Got Crabs" mix! He got quiet a kick out of it lol I guess it's a guy thing!

  2. Your experience with Dirt Broke Gourmet seems really good, though names are odd but interesting too. We'll definitely give it a try :)

  3. everything is new to me hehehe :) I dont even know what those are before I read the blog... well that is something I would like to check on/try someday.

    1. I hope you do check out Dirt Broke Gourmet soon :) Their facebook is the best place to start, you can see all kinds of photo's of completed mixes and such! :)

  4. This post title really caught my attention. I have never heard of this before but I will definitely check them out.

  5. I have never heard of them. You definitely caught my attention! On my way to check them out :)

    1. I'm glad I caught your attention :) I promise that Dirt Broke Gourmet are just as cool as they sound!! hehe :)

  6. I had never heard of them before but I love those names and the dip looks delicious.

  7. These sound really delicious. I love dips!

  8. ha ha I love it! We love things that are a little "odd". Congrats on winning and being able to try these dips. Thanks for sharing with us as well.
    Spatulas On Parade

  9. Congrats! Love dips! Have fun trying them out!

  10. LOL the names are hilarious! I love trying gourmet dip mixes I am going to go check them out! Congrats on your win that is awesome!

  11. Haha! I love the flavor names. These would make great gifts for friends and family with a sense of humor. I was slow, didn't understand "land crab" until you told us it was chicken!

  12. What great names for the dips! I think I would have chosen the "land crab also" Very funny and a great conversation starter!

  13. I laughed and laughed at those names!!! I'm glad I found you through the blog hop and am now following along.
    I'm going to go read through some old posts and can't wait to read more from you! :)

    Hoping you'll stop by to say hi sometime.

    1. The names is one of the best parts!! :) I'm glad you found me as well! I'm going to head your way soon! Thanks for the visit, I hope you enjoy what you find through my past posts!



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