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Saturday, June 8, 2013

#Hashtag Happenings

#LastSummerAroundThisTimeIWas is the Popular #Hashtag tonight!

I've been busy with product reviews and End-of School-Year planning for the past month, that I haven't gotten the chance to do a HashTag Happenings post that I normally do on Sunday's. So since it's on my mind, I've decided to do a late night/early morning post on one of the many, popular Twitter Hashtags that is trending tonight (6/8/13 at 1:30am EST)

#Hashtag Happenings

Some of the popular tweets are:

That was pretty funny! Some of the tweets that I found on Twitter, using the hashtag were not exactly family oriented material but they did made me laugh!! lol There are some wild people in this word and it seems like alot of them enjoy twitter. I always try to do my own tweet when I see an interesting hashtag trending, Did you notice my tweet above?

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