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Monday, July 1, 2013

My family is going Crazy for The Wizor

The Wizor 

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Don't you just hate it when you come home from a shopping trip and go to take off all the tags and you can't find your scissors? I have 4 pairs of scissors in my house but when I need them... I can't even find 1 pair! My daughters get frustrated and start using their teeth to break the tags off their clothes or we try and break them with our hands and either get cut or hurt. Sometimes I would even tear a hole on the clothes and that frustrates me more than ever! Nothing's worse than ruining your clothes before you even get the chance to wear them. Something needed to be done about these 

I wasn't surprised when I ran across a woman who seemed to be having the same troubles as I was, she also had young children so she couldn't just leave scissors laying around the house, but I had no idea that she had solved the problem of tricky retail tags... Angelica is the creator of a new product that she created to help take those annoying retail tags off in an extremely simple and safe way, The Wizor, and that, I was surprised about!

The Wizor is the original wall scissors that works great for any retail tags along with those scraggly strings that can you find on clothes, pillows and pretty much anything that's been sewn together. The Wizor is so easy to use that it's the perfect item for people who have arthritic hands or any other hand disability that makes using scissors a bit harder than normal.

When I was asked if I would be interested in trying out the Wizor, I couldn't say yes fast enough!
When I received the pack of 2 Wizors, I wasn't sure where I was going to hang them. They will stick to any clean hard surface and could conveniently go anywhere! My fiance and I decided to hang one in our living room since it's where we drop all of our shopping bags off before we sort through them. 
My daughters had a birthday party recently and I knew this would a perfect chance to try out our new Wizor! Want to see what happened when I took the tags off of a new pair of flip-flops?

How cool was that! It's even cooler when your the one using The Wizor! It's super quick too, which means that little blade that's tucked inside that hard shell, is a sharp lil guy and I like him! I have to admit that I'm extremely easily amused by lots of things, what amuses me more than anything else in miniatures! I can't get enough of tiny versions of a regular item. The Wizor is a tiny version of scissors that sticks to my wall... how can I not be amused by this lil guy?! (Not sure why I've quickly decided that my Wizor is a boy... I guess "lil guy" sounds better than "lil girl" when I'm talking about a non-person) I was able to cut apart both of my daughters' flip-flops in a matter of seconds without searching all over for scissors! 

It turns out that I'm not the only person in my household that's easily amused by the Wizor... The Dancing Diva's (My daughters on YouTube) and their brother are just as amused! Watch how Loran easily cuts the tag off of her new headbands! (Jade and Mj used the Wizor as well, you can find their video in the links below the video.)

Truthfully... I took alot of short demonstration video's of my family using The Wizor, none of them are very long but I uploaded them all on YouTube! If you would like to view them all, I've left the links below, I'll have them squished into a single video soon! :)
The Wizor Video's From My Kind Of Introduction via YouTube
All in all - We LOVE the Wizor and couldn't of asked it to work any better! The Wizor truly is safe, Kid Proof, extremely convenient and not to mention fun for the whole family! It's a wonderful lil cutting device that should be in every room, too bad I only have 2! At least I can buy more online! (They cost just $8.99 and you get a pack of 2!) I've only placed the one in my living room and as you can see from the video, I haven't decided where to put the second Wizor yet. So far, my bedroom seems to be the best place for it. If it was my decision, I would put at least one Wizor in each room and suggest that everyone else do the same! I'm finished looking for scissors when I need a retail tag or scraggly string cut, I'll just head on over to the wall and use the Wizor! I'm telling my whole family about this awesome new product as well as all my friends... Starting with you - my readers! You don't know what your missing out on until your able to use The Wizor for yourself!
'Watch out Scissors, there's a new guy in town who's asking about you!
He said his name was Wizor!'

The Wizor is also great for the Craft room! You can cut any string, yarn, ribbon, etc with just one single swip through the Wizor!!

Stop searching for scissors and get yourself a Wizor!
These things work! Take it from my family, we're hooked!

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  1. What a great idea - my kids are always using their teeth if I can't get to helping them fast enough!

    1. My kids are the same way and it drives me up the wall!! The Wizor has really changed thing in our house!

  2. I hve a same problem - never find the scissors! It seems to be a really great product! Thanks fo a great review!

    1. Your very welcome! The Wizor is truly an awesome little device, I hate searching for scissors!

  3. This is so awesome! I will definitely be on the lookout for one of these :) My kids try to bite open everything!!!

    1. Yeah biting is no good! I'm always afraid that the kids will hurt their teeth :( I'm so thankful for The Wizor! The Giveaway starts tomorrow!! I'm so excited!!

  4. Wow! What a clever idea! We definitely need one, too!

    1. You really do!! I should be holding a giveaway soon! Keep an eye out :)

  5. That's so clever! Definitely not ready to hand my little helper scissors, this looks safer!

    1. Their extremely Kid-Friendly! Kids of any age can easily cut tags, craft strings or anything else that's in tag or string form, without the scare of getting cut! I love The Wizor!


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