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Friday, July 5, 2013

12 Ways to Reuse an Old Jelly Jar

What On Earth Can You Make With An Old Jelly Jar?

Have you ever wondered how many ways you can reuse an old jar? The possibilities are endless!!! I've created a small list of the idea's that I can think of. If you know of any more ways to reuse an old jar, that I don't have on my list, Feel free to comment them below and I'll grow my list with your ideas! Of course I'll add your name by your idea so everyone gets the proper credit :) You don't have to use an old jar, an empty Jelly Jar works just as well. Together we can keep useful things out of our land-fields!
Lets Turn Trash into Treasure!!
  • Drinking Glass -- Make sure it is 100% clean and sterilized before drinking out of any old jar that you find at thrift stores. 
  • Vase for Flowers -- Make sure it's clean enough and has no residue of any chemical that can hurt the flowers.
  • Bait Jar -- For Fishing Trips - Have the kids run around searching for worms! Add a bit of dirt to the jar and once the kids find a worm, they can add it straight to the jar and once it's full, you just grab the jar and head to the water!
  • Watering Jar -- Easy to keep sitting on the counter or window seal to quickly grab and water small inside or outside plants.
  • Food Storage -- If you have the lid to the jar, you can use it to store leftovers. (Wash thoroughly)
  • Storage Container -- Store ingredients in the jar to help organize your pantry.
  • Gift Idea -- Fill up with Hot Chocolate mix, Add a few small marshmallows to top, Tie a ribbon around it, Pair a Drinking Mug with the Jar of Hot Choc. and gift as a gift during the cold months. (You can also do this with the dry ingredients in recipes)
  • Collection Jar -- Store your favorite collection of small items so you can not only store them but display them as well. (marbles, polly pocket, legos, bouncy balls, Silly Bands, Etc.)
  • Pencil Holder -- Decorate with your craft supplies to give the jar a personalized touch and so it don't just bare and plain! (I use to make these all the time! FUN!)
  • Cookie Cutter -- Use the top of the jar as a Cookie Cutter.
  • Candle Holder -- If you have the tall stick candles - Stand the candle up in the middle of the jar, Make sure the candle is a good bit taller than the jar - While holding the candle straight up, Pour marbles, colored gravel, Sand or other small contents - To fill in the empty space and hold the candle up. If there is a chance that the filler could melt if the flame got too close, Don't let the candler get more than 1 inch away from the filler (Maybe less, depending on that you use) You can even use small legos or potpourri  as long as you watch the flame.
  • Piggy Bank -- Use the jar to keep up with your loose change. It's a great way to save a little bit of money (every penny counts and adds up fast). You can decorate the jar or leave it clear. If you have the lid - Cut a small slice in the middle of the lid that is a little bit wider than a Quarter and no longer than the length of a dollar bill - when folded in 1/2 twice. My daughters had a big jar that we were collecting change in but they decided, early one morning, that the change would be used better to play with than to save :) Gotta love those girls!! Kids are so fun and full of trouble hehe :P
So, what did you think of my list?
Do you know of anymore idea's for reusing an old glass jar?
Leave your ideas in the comments and I'll add them to my post - with proper credit giving. (Make sure you leave your blog or social media link with your idea comment if you would like credit when I add the ideas to my post.)

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  1. my dad would tack the lids to the under side of a shelf in the work shed...fill the jar with nuts,bolts and other small items..the just twist the jar to the lid and it hangs there out of the way of his work bench.

    1. That's pretty cleaver!!! I would of never thought of that! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. This goes alongside your storage suggestion, but you can repurpose used jars to hold your own homemade concoctions. I have homemade pancake mix stored in one and homemade laundry detergent in another. Make sure everything is properly labeled.

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

    1. I've never thought about making homemade pancake mix! Thanks for the ideas! :) I agree, Labels are a must when it comes to pancake mix and laundry soap :)


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