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Friday, July 5, 2013

Kidecals Review - #LabelItDontLoseIt

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Kidecals Labels -

Summer is the time for Vacations and Travel, Pool Visits and Day Trips and the one and only Summer Camp. (Yes, I know there is more than 1 Summer Camp... just work with me for a minute)
What's the one thing that drives you crazy more than anything else when it comes to packing and unpacking before and after camp or a trip?

If you said unpacking less stuff than you remember packing, then you and I are on the same level! We spend our hard earned money on camp supplies, beach towels, water bottles, clothes, etc and before we know it... things start missing, The water bottle gets forgotten at the pool, while your daughters favorite hat gets left at dance class! It gets frustrating and most of the time.. I just want to pull my hair out.

Throughout my travels in the blogging world, I got the opportunity to work with a company that specialized in making personalized labels that are not only washer and dryer proof but dishwasher proof as well! Kidecals come in several designs and you can add any wording that you like. They work great for labeling water bottles, beach towels, Buckets and Shovels, Hats, Clothes, ANYTHING! You can even get chalk labels for your organizing help in the pantry. And of course Kidecals has joined in on the mustache trend as well! They come in 2 different sizes (Small and Medium), 2 different shapes (Circle and Rectangle) and 3 different package sizes:
Mega Pack - $28
(24 Medium labels & 48 small labels)
Everyday Pack - $21
(12 two inch labels and 24 one inch labels = 36 labels)
Mini Pack - $21
(66 small labels)
Jumbo Pack - $18
(Bigger Labels/Less Amount) - Only Available on selected labels

In return for participating the the past campaign I received a sheet of Kidecal labels, chosen and personalized by me. I decided on a rectangular design and added my business information on them. They turned out great and I've even placed one on my glasses as well as on my laptop, (I want to add a label to my phone too but haven't figured out a hidden but findable place yet.)
Once the weather began getting warmer, I started thinking about Summer preparations and knowing that if my daughters went to either one of their grandparents' houses, they wouldn't return home with the same things that I sent them with... Unless I had labels that I could put on all the important items that didn't need to be forgotten at the park or lost at a cousins closet from when the kids went over for a visit. – After just a few minutes of thinking, Kidecals became clear in my mind and I decided to see if they were interested in working together again and wanted to help with my dilemma. I was overjoyed when Kidecals agreed and offered me 2 sheets of labels to help with keeping up with my daughters belongings this Summer.

Since there are so many design options at Kidecals, I let my daughters chose their own labels. Both girls enjoyed being able to chose a design and watch as their name started appearing on the screen, straight across the label! Once we ordered our finished labels, the package showed up at our house just a short time later. They turned out way better than we expected! The name are centered and readable along with the school name that we decided to add since we're sure to have a few labels left over in time for Back-To-School supplies. The material that the labels are made out of has a plasticy-fabric feel and the thickness seems to hold a big part in the durability. Jade chose a black circle label with blue birds while Loran chose more of a Rock Star look with white labels with a heart and crossbones, her name through the middle. Perfect choices! I've added a label to Loran and Jade's “Stylish Hats” and they've held up wonderfully! As well as my business labels on my glasses and lap-top! These labels are not only super convenient but such a money savor as well! Just imagine  how much money you'll be saving when you don't have to buy a new pair of flip-flops 2 weeks after summer begins! I don't know how I kept up with my daughters belongings before I discovered Kidecals! I'll be shopping there from now on for all of my labeling needs! What better way to keep up with your favorite stuff and stay organized then with stylish labels that will last through just about anything that you happen to put them through! Kidecals is my new choice for labels! I can't wait to add a few to school supplies in the next month or so!

I recommend Kidecals Labels to anyone who's trying to keep up with their kids' belongings or just want an easier and prettier way to label everyday items around the house! Having labels that are water-proof and dryer-proof is wonderful! No more worrying about the sticky mess that other sticker-like labels leave or the pale fade of a name from a washed out Sharpie written name. Looking and working better all at the same time! Not to mention that Kidecals offers FREE SHIPPING in the US!! It's couldn't get any better than that!

Visit the Kidecals website or Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

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  1. These look so fun! I bet my girls would love them! Looking forward to the giveaway at the end of the month!

    1. I wanted to let you know that the Kidecals Giveaway begins on August 5 during my Back-To-School Blog Party!!! I hope to see you there!! :)

  2. It's a great idea to use them on school supplies and maybe on kindergarden stuff too. Thanks for a great review!

    1. Their perfect for kindergarten!! Too bad I didn't have them when school started last year!

  3. What a great idea, and they are so stylish! I love that they're water-proof and dryer-proof!

    1. That's one of my favorite things about these labels! They last forever! :)


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