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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Top 10 Must Have Brands/Products of Summer 2013


Today is the beginning of a wonderful week!

Summer is in full force but it’s also about to wind down and school will be back in session before we know it. It’s a sad time for the kids but can be pretty exciting for parents due to us having a daily babysitter throughout the week so we can have some breathing room and our little ones can gain friends and grow their brain as well. Next thing we know, our little ones aren't so little anymore and as parents… We just want to cry out loud and scream “Where did the time go?!
In honor of the last few weeks of Summer, I’ve created a wonderful list that I’m calling “The Top 10 Must-Have Products and Brands of Summer 2013!” Throughout this week I will be highlighting a few of the brands/products that have made the list and make sure you keep an eye out for the giveaways that will be popping up as well! You don’t want to miss out on this wonderful event! I hope you enjoy the list and come back to participate in the upcoming Giveaways that will begin tomorrow!

  1. Kidecals Labels – To label Summer Camp Supplies and help with travel
  2. ThrifTee Gear – Use bags for Pool, picnics, traveling and much more
  3. SwimZip – UV Zip up Swimsuits for babies and toddlers along with Rash Guards
  4. SandGone - An All-Natural Dry Powder that when applied - Removes sand from skin and leaves you feeling soft and sand free! Great for Beach play as well as Sandbox play! -- Giveaway Coming Soon
  5. Avon - Great Selection of Products from Sun Protection to Make-up to Clothes and much more for all your Summer Needs! -- Giveaway Coming Soon
  6. ItWorks - Lose those extra pounds to get the perfect Beach Body! -- Giveaway Coming Soon
  7. Blurb – Make memories with your Summer photos by turning them into Keepsakes – Personalized Photobooks
  8. Swooshi - Perfect Re-usable containers to feed your little ones Freshly Squished Summer Fruit.
  9. Dirt Broke Gourmet – Make a quick dip for parties, cookouts, picnics, etc.
  10. The Honest Toddler - A great poolside read that will have you laughing while learning a bit as well! -- Giveaway Coming Soon

Did your favorite Product/Brand make the cut? If not, what’s your favorite Summer Product and/or Brand that was available during Summer 2013?


  1. My favorite is the new Sun block we won in a giveaway! It's from Sun Goddess and is all natural so no worry about those nasty chemicals most sun blocks use, and it comes in an awesome spray bottle and is super easy to apply! I love it! :) I'm looking forward to these giveaways!

    1. Sun Goddess sounds great! I may have to check them out. The first Giveaway starts tomorrow :) I can't wait!

  2. I have been loving the rescue balm from Bee Rescued. This stuff is phenomenal for sun burn and more. AMAZING!


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