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Monday, July 1, 2013

My Aunt's Topsy Turvy Planters

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A tomato plant w/
2 baby tomatoes 
A couple days ago I noticed that my aunt was posting pictures on facebook of what what she called - her "upside down planters". I recognized them as the Topsy Turvy planters right away and wondered what she though about them. So I sent her a message and started asking about her planters. She confirmed that they were Topsy Turvy planters and she loved them! It didn't take long before Lori was seeing results with her new planters. Even her daughter enjoys watching the plants grow out the bottom! She even offered to take more pictures of them for me to share with you!

"They work great. You can see my squash plant that has several squash already starting and my tomato plant has two tomatoes starting also" 
Quote from the Topy Turvy conversation with my aunt, Lori P

Squash Plant with tiny sprouting squash growing out of a Topsy Turvy

I'd seen the Topsy Turvy on TV plenty of times but never tried one out for myself and always wondered if they truly worked like those commercials said they did. Now I know that they do work and I just may have to purchase me some myself! My daughters would be very amazed to see the veggies growing out of the bottom of a "hanging bag-like planter"

I recently found out that if you purchase a set of Topsy Turvy's you get another set for FREE as well as Strawberry Planters!! I've never been able to find a deal like this before and this may be the sign for me to get my Topsy Turvy's now so I don't miss this awesome deal! You can snag this deal as well! For more details visit Topsy Turvy through this blog to get this great deal! I'm heading that way myself!

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