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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Next Week is Summer Week

July is the month where Summer goes full force as well as the month where the “School - Summer” ends…

What a sad time for kids… Being made to go back to that big building that helps molds them into the grown-ups that they so wish to be…. They’ll soon learn that being a kid is much better than the grown-up life, it’s a something we all sadly realize once all those adult responsibilities like that ugly word that noone likes…. Bills!

I honor of the Summer, I’ve decided to have next week (July 14-July 20) be “Summer Week” at My Kind Of Introduction! I have a great Summer Must-Have’s list for you as well has a look back at a few of my favorite Summer Products that were available in 2013. I hope to see you next week when we celebrate everything Summer!!!

We will also be holding a Back-to-School Week during July 28 through August 3! Make sure you catch all the fun!

If you are a brand and would like to sponsor a Giveaway or Content for Summer Week or Back-To-School Week, Please Contact Autumn B. at


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    1. It's sure to be alot of fun!! The turn out has been better than I expected! I'm excited to get things rolling!!!


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