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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Missing my little girls

This past Monday was the beginning of the first full week that I’m not going to be waking up to my daughters each morning and I’m not too sure how I feel about it. I was excited Sunday due to me knowing that my little girls would be coming home Monday afternoon from spending the holiday weekend with family but got quite a surprise that night when I found out that Mj’s mama had agreed to letting him stay in Hudson for another week, wither the girls were allowed to stay or not…… Where does that leave me to make my own decision? If I would of said that the girls had to come home, then I’m breaking their hearts due to their brother being able to stay. The kids don’t get to see their dad’s side of the family often so getting the chance to spend the extra time is wonderful. But on the other hand… We haven’t done anything as a family this Summer and I don’t want my daughters’ only memory of this Summer being their time in Hudson. This may sound mean and thoughtless but I want to be in their memories. It saddens me when I realize that the Summer is almost over and I’ve done nothing with my girls except throw them a “so-so” birthday party that I didn’t even get the chance to plan thoroughly. I have 8 pictures (out of a normal 100+ per holiday!) from the 4th of July this year and they don’t even include fireworks…. I wasn’t interested in the fireworks this year because I quickly realized that they’re not fun to be around unless I have the girls’ amazed faces to watch as well. And as sappy as it may sound… It’s how I feel right now. Writing it down is the only way that helps me move past moments like these and since my blog has slowly replaced my journal, my thoughts have become public. Which could mean anything during the next few days. Never again will I continuously complain about not being able to find a babysitter when I need one. I’ll replace my complaining with Craft Time,
We need more “Mommy - Daughter time anyways”
I miss my little girls very much and while I hope they’re having a lot of fun….

My Countdown to when Mommy’s Little Dancing Diva’s return home begins….. 

3 more days!


  1. I would be a mess if my girls weren't with me - I'm thinking of you!

  2. I have the hardest time leaving my littles... every time we take a vacation, I try to shorten it so I can get home to my babies. I totally understand! Tomorrow will only be two days :)!

    1. This was the first time my daughters had been away from me for a long period of time and they've never stayed out of town without me until now. But I'm VERY happy to say that my gurlies are now back home :) YAY!


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