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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Slicing My Head for Supper!

I'm starting off my Summer Week with a bit of pain :( Sunday night while I was starting to get supper prepared, I sliced my forehead open with, what I consider as, a butcher knife! Yes you read right, my HEAD! All because my cutting board was stuck in my cabinet and I had the knife in my hand that was holding the cabinet open. There was a balloon behind the cabinet door so instead of moving the balloon and laying the knife down, I held it open and didn't pay attention to which way the knife was facing... big mistake! When the cutting board finally got unstuck - it come out quick and hit my hand that was holding the cabinet door open with... which made my hand bounce and well... the knife went straight to my head and at first I wasn't sure what happened! About 2 seconds later I realized what had happened and headed to the bathroom. My head wasn't hurting like I figured it would and I didn't feel any blood until I was halfway through my living room. After about 5 minutes of trying to get the blood to stop (and convincing my daughters that I was okay since they were sitting in the bathtub with horrified looks on their little faces) I finally got the blood to stop and that's when I started crying... not because it hurt due to me only feeling a faint sting but because I had come to realize just how exactly this accident had come about... I was may at myself for not being careful and sad about the slice that now lives on my forehead! My daughters have now decided that if they want chicken for supper - They will ask their daddy. Apparently I'm not able to cook for them, they don't think it's safe. Instead of finishing the supper that I was in the process of starting... I made Hamburger Helper instead. (No knifes required!) Every time that I pick up the knife that I got cut with, Loran backs up to the other side of the kitchen! I can't help but laugh now but last night there was no laughter coming out of this house, only horrified tears and concern. I am extremely unhappy about how this all happened and now I have to figure out how I'm going to put make-up on without getting my cut infected and/or making it burn! Not so perfect timing.... I've some new BB+ Cream to try out and I'm not sure how my video will turn out now that I have a slice down my forehead! I hope that my readers will vote for me anyways... maybe you all can ignore the big cut and vote because you like me and my BB+ Cream video..... Wish me luck, I'll have the video for you in the upcoming days... I may have to let it heal for a day or 2 before I can wear make-up again :( Such a sad way to begin my Summer Week Event at home! 

Have you had a stupid moment where an accident could of been avoided if you would of took 1 extra step before everything started crashing down??

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