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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Faeries in July!!

Photo Artist - Kiri Leonard

Happy July everyone!!!!
Don't you just love all the warm weather? I love Summer, I do dread being hot and sweaty but I would rather be hot then cold. My fiance always says that you can always add more layers but you can only take off so many clothes... which is very true but I DO NOT like being cold! If a cold breeze blows my way... I get a cold chill and need to cover up. That's just me :)

Isn't that a beautiful July Faerie in the photo above? I have the whole collection on monthly Faeries and I found them randomly online one night while searching for inspration for my short stories that I write sometimes. I just found out recently who the artist is! I copied a small bit from her site to let you know alittle bit about Kiri Leonard.

"Kiri Østergaard Leonard is a freelance illustrator and artist from Denmark. She works on projects ranging from realistic portraiture to fantasy illustrations. She's available for freelance as well as private commissions."
Above insert from

I love Kiri's work!! The Faeries is what caught my eye! I LOVE faeries and always will! :)

Well I'm going to go play with Summer Faeries!!!



  1. Thank you for the shout out Autumn, I'm really happy to hear you like my fairies!

    My website address has changed it's now:

    Hope you had a great summer!

    1. Your very welcome Kiri. Thanks for the website update :) Your art work is wonderful! I simply love your Monthly Faeries! I visited your new site and really enjoyed looking at the artwork, your an outstanding artist! Thanks again for the visit :)


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