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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Funday - Lets Relax

It's time to relax of this Sunday Funday!!
Today I have a nice recipe for Aromatic Tea Bag Bath Packs recipe for you that will not only help your skin stay soft but relax away your stress at the same time!

Aromatic Tea Bag Bath Packs

Create your own bath-time Tea Bags and surround yourself in invigorating scents. I remember making these and hanging them from the top of water spout while my bath was running! The smell was wonderful and I believe I recall running to my mama and telling her to feel my skin.. It was soft :)

You will need:
  • 1/2 cup of Fresh Herbs or flower petals or 1/4 cup of dried herbs or flowers
  • 2 Tablespoons of Oatmeal
  • Coffee Filters
  • String

This is something that you will want to make alot at once so you can relax over and over without having to remake your Tea Bags before each bath. (Store them in an old jar on your bathroom counter for convenience as well as a pretty display!)

  • Lay out a coffee filter flat on your table
  • Add the herbs/flowers and oatmeal to the middle of the filter.
  • Pull the edged up around your herb mixture and tie the pouch closed extremely tightly and knotted with the string.
  • Cut the string long enough so it can be tied around your water spout.
  • Tie a Tea Bag around your spout so that the pouch is hanging where the water will flow directly on and through it.
  • Run a HOT bath, through your herb pouch.
  • Once your bath is ran - You can place your pouch into your bath or leave it on the spout until your bath is complete.
  • Dispose of each Aromatic Tea Bag after use.

**Try out these Random Tips!!**

--Try Rose Petals and Lavender for a romantic feel.
--Mint is very soothing after a good workout.
--Have a big day tomorrow? - Soak with Chamomile to relax your mind!

Design your own gift tags and attach them to the strings.
(To give them a personal touch as well as making them look more like real tea bags! Any girl would love a couple homemade bath packs for a gift!!)

**Add a couple Aromatic Tea Bags to a small basket with a bath scrunchies or another homemade beauty treatment for a great homemade gift!

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