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Friday, July 26, 2013

10 things you didn’t know about ME!!

-- 10 things you didn’t know about me --

  1. Hello, My name is Autumn and I'm a Dewoholic! Mountain Dew, that is :)
  2. To me... First impressions are HUGE when it comes to getting to know someone.
  3. I got pregnant with my 1st child at age 17 but didn’t know I was pregnant until I had already turned 18 years old.
  4. I’ve always wanted a daughter named Nadia Lashaye but my fiance don’t like the name, so I had to come up with different names when I had my daughters.
  5. I have a short temper and have the tendency to yell a lot - I’m working on it. (Some people say it‘s a Bad Attitude Problem)
  6. When I got pregnant, I never once wanted to give birth to a baby boy, I’ve always wanted daughters ever since I was a child. But If I would have had a son, I would of loved him just as much as I do my girls. I have 2 step-sons and I‘ve loved them since way before pregnancy happened.
  7. I have many Childhood/Teenage obsessions that I’ve proudly brought with me into adulthood. Some including: Strawberry Shortcake, Carebears (Mainly Cheer Bear - light pink w/Rainbow belly badge), My Little Pony, Video Games, Crafts, the love of Collecting Randoms, the urge to NOT throw something away, and many more…. :) Sometimes my fiance thinks I have issues! Haha
  8. I love reading Fantasy books, others just don’t seem to interest me too much -My favorite 2 series are: The Twilight Series and The Iron Fae Series - I’ve read them all more than twice a piece. (8 books total)
  9. I’ve had many nicknames throughout my my life, some have stayed some have passed. But the one I miss the most is being called “Amber” aka “Amber-Alert.”
  10. I’ve been with Alan, who I often refer to as my fiance, for over 9 years and the subject of marriage don’t often come up. I’m perfectly okay with that because that decision belongs to me, 100%.
There you have it! 10 things you may not of known about me, Autumn B.- Writer of My Kind Of Introduction. :) I hope that nothing above changes how you feel about me… I don’t believe anything is bad enough for that to happen but sometimes you never can tell. All in all - I’m just a Country girl who’s trying to raise 2 little girls the best way I can, in this crazy world of ours. I’m not too different than alot of you. 

I only gave the minimum amount of detail on my list so you may be a bit lost or confused with a few of my facts. If that’s the case or even if it’s not, Feel free to comment below with any questions or thoughts about the choices that I made for my list above :)

Is there anything you would like to tell us about yourself? 

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