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Friday, April 26, 2013

Natural Dynamix Gummie Cuties for Kids are Gluten Free!!

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My oldest, Loran, was having trouble concentrating at school and her reading grades were starting to drop. Loran is a very smart child and she can read very well. Her school has their ready levels as Letters and Loran has made it a good ways through the alphabet, but she starting rushing herself and not focusing on the story topic along with answering her questions to fast... which would sometimes make them wrong. I started to worry that her focus problems were going to start affecting her grades at an extreme level and I didn't want to let it get that far.
I started researching online for natural ways to help my daughter focus better at school and with homework. I noticed that Omega-3 and fish oil seemed to be the main suggestions for helping with concentration and focusing issues. But could never settle something that I was willing to try.

During my search, I got an email that couldn't of came at a better time! I got an offer to try out Natural Dynamix Gummy Cuties for kids and the more I looked at their site, the more I realized that this company was sent to my family from someone with more power that me. I found myself looking at gummy vitamins that seemed to have just the right ingredients to help Loran focus, along with something that would benefit Jade as well.

Natural Dynamix  Gummy Cuties for kids are Gluten Free, the colors are from natural sources along with the flavors. They are also preservative free!!!

I quickly agreed and it wasn't long before I received 2 full sized bottles of Natural Dynamix Gummy Vitamins for my daughters. 

The vitamins I received for Loran are called 'Gummy Cuties Omega-3 DHA/EPA' They support kids focus and attention during their growing years along with brain and vision development. Jade received 'Gummy Cuties Calcium + Vitamin D' that are made to help grow and keep strong bones. Jade LOVES milk and use to drink a gallon jug in just 2 days! In the past few months, she has calmed down on her milk intake and I don't want her bones to start missing all the calcium that she use to pump into her body on a daily basis. I know that may sound odd but I'm not really sure how else to put it.
(I didn't even mention Jade's milk addiction, it was like they just knew what else to send us!)

The girls started taking their gummies the moment I opened the package!
They call them their Brain and Bone Gummies. I  it!!

It's been about a week and we have already started a morning and nightly ritual. It began as Jade only taking the "bone gummies" and Loran only taking the "brain gummies" but after a couple days we decided that both girls could benefit from taking both gummies. Loran and Jade now both take the 'Gummy Cuties Omega-3 DHA/EPA' vitamins before they jump on the bus every morning and their 'Gummy Cuties Calcium + Vitamin D' vitamins before they go to bed each night. They look forward to taking their gummies and bring them to me often. I was a bit worried that the Omega 3 gummies were going to have a fishy or bad taste but my daughters love the taste of both gummies and I've had no complaints.

To my surprise, Loran has already started improving at school! Her teacher mentioned that Loran has been focusing better and hasn't been rushing through her class work as much. I'm sure that with continued usage of the Gummy Cuties that Loran's grades will start to rise and she will continue to stay focused at school as well as at home. I couldn't be happier with the way Natural Dynamix has helped my family with their Gummy Cuties for kids. I'm telling all my friends about these wonderful vitamins!

Natural Dynamix also sales Adult Vitamins and Supplements as well. Some of their adult products include Krill Oil, Joint DX, Adult Gummies and more.
An adult vitamin review will be coming up in November. Keep a look out!

For more information - Check out the Natural Dynamix Website
You can find Natural Dynamix on Facebook and Twitter


  1. Isn't it funny how things have a way of working out? I am so glad you found something that is working for your family that you can feel good about sharing with them!! Way to go!

  2. That is awesome! I love when things come along at the right time! These sounds great. We're always looking for good supplements for the kids that don't have a bunch of junk in them, too!

  3. These sound great. My kids love taking their daily gummy vitamins. We'll have to check these out after ours run out :) I hope your daughter continues to succeed in school!


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