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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How The Online Blog Workshop will Benefit YOU

Are you a blogger/vlogger who's interested in expanding your knowledge of the business world or would like to attend a conference but having trouble with travel expenses, babysitters, etc?

The Blog Workshop is a conference for bloggers and vloggers of all ages, interests and level of experiences. Whether your new to the blogging world or a blogger veteran, your sure to benefit from The Blog Workshop. The blogging world is constantly changing, there is always something new to learn.

Throughout my time as a blogger, I've learned that the most useful information that I've received has been from other bloggers. The blogger network is like a family; our connections and the ability to work together is what makes us successful.

There are many benefits of attending an online conference! My personal favorite is that it's less expensive and I don't have to worry about finding a babysitter for my daughters. I have trouble with babysitters as it is, trying to find one for a trip to another state for a conference would be like pulling teeth.... Very hard!

Being able to hold The Blog Workshop online, cuts out alot of the big purchases it takes to hold a conference. For example, the cost of a venue is not needed, along with the traveling costs of getting the speakers and attendees to the conference. Those costs being cut out, allow the hosts of The Blog Workshop to set a low registration price of $175! They even have a payment plan that breaks your registration into 2 separate payments. You can also get a Student/Teacher discount if you meet the requirements.
(To find out if you are able to get the Student/Teacher discount you can send an email to or send a direct message Tweet to @TheBlogWorkshop)

Your Registration covers all 3 days of The Blog Workshop where you'll get access to 6 sessions with outstanding speakers, resource lists, giveaways and an awesome Blog Workshop T-shirt!! 

The Blog Workshop has many World Class Speakers that are ready to teach you all about how to pitch, use ads, connect with the media and so much more!

The Speakers include:

  • IZEA
  • Blog-Trends
  • Attorney Jeneba Ghatt
  • Blogads
  • Sverve CEO Rohit Vashisht
  • Tap Influence CEO Holly Hamann
  • And more
Watch the Video Playlist below to find out more information about all the wonderful Speakers that will be attending The Blog Workshop.

Another wonderful thing about The Blog Workshop is that 10% of the ticket sales will get donated to Wellspring Living and the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children

Wellspring Living's mission is to confront the issue of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation through awareness, training, and treatment programs for women and girls.

Atlanta Day Shelter's mission is to ease the burden of homelessness for women and children and to assist in establishing self-sufficiency by providing comprehensive education and supportive services in a manner that respects human dignity.

Attending The Blog Workshop you will also get the chance to win some wonderful prizes such as headphones from Subjekt, e-commerce solutions from Cloudswipe, video blogging equipment, LLC packages from LegalZoom and much more. 

Check out the full agenda of The Blog Workshop

Tickets for The Blog Workshop are LIMITED and will no longer be sold after May 10th 2013.

I believe The Blog Workshop will be VERY beneficial to bloggers, no matter how much or little you know about the blogger world. 

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