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Monday, April 29, 2013

Our New Car

Saturday morning, my family woke up at 7am and took a trip to Hudson, NC. My fiance is from the Hudson, Hickory, Lenior area. (I know that’s 3 towns but it‘ll about the same area to me) Alan had to work last night so we had to start out trip early… My girls were not real happy. I can’t say that I was either, I’ve never been a morning person.

Why did we drive to Hudson from Asheville if we couldn't stay all day?

To get a new car!!

Last Summer, Alan wrecked our car on his way to work and we haven’t been able to get it fixed since it happened. It got banged up pretty bad but it was still driveable. He hit a truck that was carrying Oxygen Tanks and if Alan’s car would of hit just a few inches further back then where he hit, the driver said that the truck would of tipped over and they would of blown up! It’s scary to think about! I’m extremely happy that Alan made it back home safe and the only that that was broken was the car.

- Back to the story -

We haven’t been able to find the parts to get our broken car fixed and inspection is creeping up on us. Since the car original belonged to Alan’s grandfather, he decided to get us a new car. Not because he wanted to help Alan and I out but because he wanted to help our daughters out. He said that the girls are little and they need to be drove around in a safe and legal car. Alan’s family may not of liked me too much when we first got together (that‘s a whole different story on it‘s own) but after 9 years, they like me now and I have to say that Alan has a pretty great family!

When Alan’s grandfather took him to get the car, we wasn't sure what kind of car it was. All Alan’s step-dad would tell us was that it was a rice burner lol All we could take from that was that our new car was going to be an import (Not made in America).

The girls and I stayed at Grannies when Alan left to go get his new car. He returned back about an hour later in a burgundy Honda Civic! It’s awesome! Good on gas, Small, and looks nice! We are VERY happy with our new car! Alan has wanted a Honda for years and he finally has one! Yay! Our girls are even happy about the new car. Loran kissed the old one Good-Bye and told it that she would miss it… She about cried, it was so sweet!

The only thing is that the Honda didn't have a lot of horsepower going up Black Mountain but it rides very smoothly and IT HAS A SUN ROOF!!!!!

Have you bought a new car lately or planning on buying one soon?

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