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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why Mom’s Make Great Network Marketers

Many people think of the network marketing industry as being a boy’s club, but
that’s far from the truth. If you take a look at a mom’s daily duties, which I
personally find a lot harder than many men’s routines, it’s extremely similar to
building a network marketing business. In the way that a mom raises her
children, it’s like home schooling for the network marketing industry. The
responsibilities and talents a mother develops while raising children is the same
exact skills you can apply to the business.

Let’s face the facts – most moms are the ones who really have to be the
multi-taskers. They are always prepared, doing laundry, getting kids to various
sporting events, cleaning the house all while changing the little one’s in diapers,
talking on the phone, and any other task that needs to be done. And, if they’re a
network marketer, they’re probably closing a prospect on the phone while all of
this is going on.

Being a great multi-tasker is the key to building a home-based business. Not only
are moms great multi-taskers, I also believe they make the best sales people.
Moms are always the one who give the final go ahead and make all of the “sales”
in the family. How many times have you been told to “go ask your mother”? Many
times in the network marketing industry, companies will tell you it’s not sales.
Well, as soon as money exchanges hands, it’s a sale. They say this because
many people think they can’t sell so they steer clear of the industry. But the truth
is most people are actually really great at sales, especially moms. Some of my
best network marketing training is in the area of sales.

Think about this: Johnny tries to convince his mom to stay up an extra hour at
night, but Mom comes back and sells Johnny on if he finished his homework he
can stay up for an additional 30 minutes. Then Johnny sells Mom on why having
the full hour is important if he finishes his homework. This interaction continues
between mom and child from the day he can talk to the day they leave the house
(and sometimes even further into life!). When a baby cries to get what he wants
from his mother (an act of selling), the mom sells them on being quiet by rocking

The mom has had to become an expert in sales from the time their children are
born. The children train their mother to become better in every area of life.
Because of this, the mother will dominate in MLM prospecting and MLM

Not only are moms great strategists, they can also solve problems better than
anyone and they can do it in an empathetic way. This is a great skill for a network
marketer to have as it helps develop them into strong leaders because they are
able to earn the trust of their network and can grow their business at a rapid rate.
When the mother goes out and acquires further network marketing training the
sky is the limit.

Moms are able to handle any problem that arises -- no toilet paper and company
will be arriving in 15 minutes? Then husband calls and says he’s going to be
late? Don’t worry she’s on it! Moms are great problem solvers because problems
are constantly turning up at every corner. Building a network marketing business,
or really any kind of business, is all about problem solving.

I think the most important trait a mom can bring to the network marketing industry
is their no-quitting-attitude. They are willing to keep going and do whatever it
takes to make it. Just like raising a child… a mother will do any and everything
she can to give them the best life possible. They bring this no-quitting-attitude
with them wherever they go. This is one of the hardest traits for people to
develop but it’s essential for being successful. Will Smith talks about having a

Of course, we can’t forget about how much moms love to talk. To make money in
anything we have to spread the word, we have to market ourselves and our
products. Moms already have a built in marketing machine. Moms were born to
network and become great at MLM coaching. They are constantly telling their
friends about anything they like and have no qualm about saying so. Heck, they
will tell everybody in line at the grocery store about what they like! How about
that movie they saw last night? Hope you didn’t want to see it… she’ll tell you the
end! What about her great home-based business she’s in? Don’t worry, she’ll tell
you everything you need to know about it. This is a trait men do not innately
have. Men stand in line with their arms crossed looking all cool while the mom
talks to everyone all while making money. The only problem is moms get so
caught up in talking about all of the great products, they forget to get a referral.
But once they figure this out, they are able to dominate the business circle and
master MLM prospecting and MLM recruiting.
In Rohit Bhargava’s new book, “15 Marketing Trends for 2013,” he says the ideal
future will be lead by women. He says men and women are not equal; women
are better. Women will become the new role models and will pioneer many startup
businesses. Many companies will foster leadership from within and several of
these leadership positions will be women.
There is no doubt the world of business is changing and it’s definitely a very
exciting time for women and mom entrepreneurs.
To all of you moms, keep up the great work! Go out and pursue your dreams…


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