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Monday, April 29, 2013

Help your child's school

- Box Tops for Education -

Help your school earn cash and rewards by signing up for Box Tops for Education!
Registration is FREE!

My daughters are all about collecting Box Tops for their school. I don't know if the teachers are pushing it or that they are so interested in the Box Tops because I've been collecting them since right before Loran started kindergarten. Every time we go to the grocery store, my daughters always find things with the Box Tops and use those as an excuse to buy the treat. It's funny but I love that Loran and Jade want to help their school. They both know why we save Box Tops and they are NOT happy if they happen to find one in the trash that I didn't catch. I've had my girls pull boxes out of the trash, find my scissors and bring it all to me, just so I could cut out the Box Top!!
Each month I separate our Box Top collection into 2 baggies and put them in Jade and Loran's school folders. 

Collecting Box Tops is a great way to help out your child's school. You can even earn them online by registering online for FREE! It only tales a few seconds to fill out the small form to start helping your child's school... From Online and Off!

My daughters get to use iPads at school sometimes and that's all because of the money the school earned from the Box Tops! Knowing my daughters are getting the best education at a wonderful school, makes me smile!

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