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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kick Out Allgerys this Season with Children's Claritin Chewables

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No more Sniffles and No More Drowsiness

My daughters have seasonal allergies and with Winter finally gone, the pollen and allergens have been a little unpredictable lately.

Spring is here but it was quiet cold during the first few weeks, so being stuck inside and not being able to get any Spring Cleaning done has made it hectic. My girls have went from sneezing, having a runny nose, and a few coughs (None from a cold) to feeling better and able to breath and all because they chewed up that little grape flavored tablet. My daughters have allergy medicine that they normally take but it likes to make them sleepy and I can't have my girls falling asleep in class, their still young and these years are the most important! I was really excited to try out Children's Claritin Non-Drowsy Grape Chewables! My youngest favorite color is purple so she gets excited about anything that's grape or purple... Yes, even medicine. I gave them their first one the day we received them in the mail. I was very relieved that I had no sneezing and watery-eyed kids! My girls are outside lovers and play outside every chance they get, the Children's Claritin helped them to enjoy their play time a little bit better. Apparently they taste good too! I don't always have the best of memory and neither do my daughters but the next day after we started the Claritin, both of my daughters came up to me and reminded me about their Allergy Tablet! I was very surprised and proud that my kids wanted to stay Claritin Clear! We've used up our box of chewables from BzzAgent but I will be buying more soon! My girls love that they aren't getting sleepy and can play all day with no distractions! I'm extremely happy with our Children's Claritin Challenge! My daughters are sleeping better at night with less sneezing and coughing and we are welcoming Spring with open arms! There's no worry in this family about Allergy Season because we have our Children's Claritin to keep my daughters' head's clear and ready for some fun.

Ahhhhh..... Allergy Relief!

Hadoken-ing while being Claritin Clear!

I received the above product for free from BzzAgent for reviewing purposes. I was not compensated for this post other than the product itself. All opinions are my own and may differ than your own.
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