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Monday, April 8, 2013

We Are Opening Up a Store and an Art Show

Donating to a Cause!

Ever since my daughters brought up having an Art Show to sale their paintings, I've been thinking about how I could turn their Art Show into something to help others.
I think I've got it!

My girls are always wanting to help people so I've decided to make a list of causes and charities that mean something to our family. I'm going to be selling their Art work for $1 a piece. I'm going to try and get some of them uploaded on Etsy tonight or tomorrow.

I was also able to open a store full of Unique and Modern House-ware, Art, Fashion and sooooooooo much more!
All money earned will be split between Charities, My Kind Of Introduction and other events dear to my family.

Visit my store to see my Unique and Modern Design Collection

I have lots of causes that I've been wanting to donate to for such a long time but was never able due. Now I believe I can make a difference with the wonderful opportunities that I've been offered with opening this store and my daughters awesome Art Show idea!

This Spring is going to be WONDERFUL!!!!

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