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Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY Dollhouse Dolls

DIY Dollhouse Dolls

My daughter had a project for school where she had to make something useful or artistic out of recyclables. It was to be a Family Project, Jade and I chose a dollhouse. Little did I realize at that moment that if you make a doll house.... You have to make furniture also.... And Dolls....

Throughout this week, I'll be sharing with you how I made each item. Some were easy to make and some took a bit more thought. I hope you enjoy our doll house.

The Dolls were the last thing we made but I'll be sharing them with you first.

I started by drawing a little bald person on a piece of cardboard. I made the people with dresses because they were for my daughters and they had done decided that the beds in the doll house was theirs, so I needed to little girl dolls.

After I got the girls drawn, I cut them out.

I wasn't sure how I was doing to decorate the dolls when I first made them. I came up with a few different ideas like cutting faces out of a magazine along with a dress or making a dress out of fabric. And then it hit me....... USE A SCHOOL PICTURE!!!! What better way to make Jade and Loran then use a picture of their face for the dolls face!

I cut out their heads, trimmed the cardboard head to fit behind the photo face and glued it on.

Then I found some wire ribbon and cut the wire off the bottom of a medium size piece and started wrapping it around the bottom of the dress. I use hot glue to hold it in place.

For the top of one dress, I use 2 triangles and made a tank-top. I cut a different tank-top for the other dress so they would be a bit different. I used a glue stick to secure the tops on.

To make them stand up I use a scrap piece of cardboard and placed it between their feet. I had to fold one in half to make it thick enough for one of the girls.


Kind of like Paper Dolls but stronger!

Easy and ADORABLE!!!!

Don't you agree??

You can also make boys dolls for those castles and towns. maybe dress them up as Knights or Cowboys and Indians!

If you come up with other ways to make little dolls, let me know!!! I'd love to see your ideas!

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