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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The ThrifTee Gear Giveaway

Are your Teens too Cool to be seen with a Paper Bag Lunch or the store bought lunch boxes?
Do you need a new and eco-cool way to carry your stuff around?
Read below to find out how COOL ThrifTee Gear bags are!

Welcome to the ThrifTee Gear Giveaway!!

Hosted by
My Kind Of Introduction

ThrifTee photo DSCF8129_zps369f945c.jpg

ThrifTee Gear is a company that makes Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags for the Pre-Teen/Teen age kids who are too cool for the store bought lunch boxes.

The bags are made from re-used T-Shirts and are the coolest lunch bags that I've ever seen!

Not only can ThritTee Gear bags be used for lunch bags but they can also be used for many other things as well. All bags have a food safe lining and are water resistant. ThriftTee Gear Bags are big enough to fit a full sized water bottle and small enough to be put in a back-pack.

Like I mentioned, ThrifTee Gear bags can be use for more than to hold just your lunch.... I used one for a Daddy-Diaper Bag!
ThrifTee Gear photo ThrifTeeGearCollage_zpsbb82b008.jpgI was very surprised at how much I could fit in my ThrifTee Gear Bag. Since I was using it as a Diaper Bag, I needed it to fit as much as possible.  We all know how babies can use alot of things on just one outing.
I was able to put LOTS of baby supplies in the ThrifTee Gear bag including standing a pack of baby-wipes on it's end without any sticking over the top! That's how I knew that putting a baby bottle in the Daddy-Diaper bag wasn't going to be a problem. I added 10 items to the ThrifTee Gear Diaper Bag and it closed with no problems!

Read the full ThrifTee Gear Review at My Kind Of Introduction

With the giveaway below, you will get the chance to win your very own ThrifTee Gear Bag! You can chose one of their shirts to make your bag or if you like - You can mail them your own old T-Shirt and get a Custom bag!!

The ThrifTee Gear Giveaway Ends on May 4 at 1am EST

US Only - 18+

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