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Monday, April 15, 2013

Question of the day - April 15

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- Question of the Day -

Do you Recycle?

Does your family collect cans, bottles, etc to wither re-use or take to the Recycling Center?

My stepson started collecting the taps off the top of cans a couple years ago. It became a hobby for him. My daughters picked up on it and we now have a while gallon jug FULL of can tabs and will be getting a new jug soon.
Last year, Loran was learning about the earth and recycling at school and came home one day wanting to start recycling. We already had the tab collection and my girls had started up a bottle lid collection about a month before. So we collected up a couple milk boxes, added a trash bad to each and started collecting cans and bottles. It started getting to be to much since we don't have trash pick up at our house (Just a dumpster at the bottom of the road) So our back porch was filling up with bags when we wasn't able to deliver them to where they needed to go. After a few months, we did away with recycling the bottles but never stopped collecting cans. Not only are we helping to keep the cans out of the land-fields but we are also able to collect a little bit of extra money every now and then! It's not much but $15 here and there can add up and it's really good when we're needing gas or a few extra bucks to get something done, we just grab the bags off the back porch and head to the recycling center. I'm not really sure what place my fiance takes the cans because I'm never with him but I do know that my daughters are happy with the little bit we are able to do to help the earth and I'm happy to see their smiling faces! We've also been able to make LOTS of crafts with empty food boxes that I hold on too from time to time, I've even came up with a few ideas to use the bottle lid collection on!

Do you Recycle and/or Re-Use?

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