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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Going Natural with NatureBox - My Review

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Bringing Nature into my family with NatureBox
 - My Review -

My family and I are no where near organic. Some may not even consider us Green, but I do my best to  bring green products in to my home and help out the earth when ever I can. When I ran across NatureBox while on Facebook one afternoon, I was very interested to see what all consists of a NatureBox. The more I looked into it the more I realized that the snacks you receive in the NatureBox could be a nice addition to my family's normal eating habits.

NatureBox is a monthly-subscription company that ships a box of Healthy Snacks to your door, once a month.

-- What comes in each NatureBox? --
Healthy, yummy snacks! Each month the NatureBox team gathers company and customer input to come up with new, carefully crafted snacks to add to their growing collection. Around the same time each month you will receive a box including 5 all-natural, high quality snacks!

When I received my March box, I was curious to see what was inside. My daughters had me open it in the car, just so they could see what was inside too! I found 5 bags of natural snacks, all different and the flavors sounded really nice.

Once we got home my fiance sat down and opened each bag. We tried all the snacks and were very surprised at how delicious they all tasted! As soon as I saw the dried Granny Smith Apples (Vegan)... I knew I was in heaven! I'd been looking for some similar to the one in my Naturebox since I was in middle-school and a school-mate brought some in for an Appalachian Project in English Class!
Also in our NatureBox we found - Sunshine Chips (Vegan-Veggie Chips), Toasted Cheddar Stix, Honey Mesquite Almonds and Roasted Kettle Kernels (Corn Kernels).

My personal favorite were the Granny Smith Apples, they tasted so good and brought me back to my middle-school years.
My daughters LOVED the Roasted Kettle Kernels and they were the first bag to be emptied! The Honey Mesquite Almonds weren't far behind.

It's hard to believe that my family enjoyed every natural snack that was in the NatureBox! I didn't expect that at all! We're use to store chips and sugar filled gummies!

When I asked Loran (age 6) what she thought about her new snacks, this is the response that I received - "I ate all the nuts and corn seeds and they were so delicious. They were all yummy and I liked the spicy cheese stix too!"

We truly couldn't be happier with our NatureBox! It was DELICIOUS and HEALTHY! You really can't much better than that!

I recommend NatureBox to anyone looking to bring healthier snacks into their home. Vegan choices are also available.

NatureBox is just $19.95 per month
Shipping is always FREE

Visit NatureBox to learn more!
You can also find NatureBox on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Oh wow what a great idea love the fact it's all natural I'm so bad at eating junk food but this looks like it might just tempt me x

  2. Our family is far from green but slowly we are trying to add in clean foods and eat a healthier diet. All these snacks look delicious.

  3. Those snacks look great. I've seen NatureBox come up in my Facebook timeline but I had no idea what the brand sold. Thanks so much for letting me know! We try to eat healthy and I try to pick up healthy snacks. This would make it so much easier!

  4. I'm not a healthy eater either but I'm trying to eat better and being more green stuff into my home. It's a slow start but I'm working on it :-) And these snacks are delicious even for kids! That was the big surprise for me!


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