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Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to make a Compost Pile with a Storage Tote

Make your own Compost Pile from a Storage Tote

My fiance decided that he wanted to make a compost pile to help out my flowers that we are planning on planting soon.
We brain stormed and came up with some great ideas with the things we had around the house. 
I figured since it only took use about 30-45 minutes to complete, it would make a great post for all my readers.... So here it is!!

Learn how to make your own compost pile out of a Storage Tote!

Cut the bottom out of a regular size storage tote

Our Collections for the Carbon-rich Brown Layer of stuff like dead leaves, straw, shredded newspaper, dead flowers etc and Nitrogen-rich Green
Layer of grass clippings, Natural Food Scraps (Plant based scraps including veggie peals and fruit rinds - NO Meat)

Measure the bottom so you can dig the right size hole

Pack in the bottom to begin the layering.
Make sure you layer your compost

Start your compost with a Brown Dry Layer

After you get your first layer of Brown stuff -
It's time to start with the first Green Layer

Add a shovel or 2 of Soil

We already had a compost in a big bucket but my fiance forgot to cover it when a big storm came so it got to wet. If your soil is not wet - Moisten your layers at this point.

You can also add worms to your compost if you happen to run across some like my daughters did!

Continue your layers until you fun out of supplies of make it to 3ft tall.
Our compost pile is not 3 feet tall but we are very proud of our family project!

 Making our Compost Pile was a wonderful family project! I loved every minute of it and so did the girls! It was fun!

I hope you have fun building your own Compost Pile too!!

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