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Friday, May 31, 2013

My hectic couple weeks...


The past couple weeks have been so hectic and has flew by so quick that I ended up getting behind on EVERYTHING!!!! No joke!
My house looks like Taz (the Tasmanian Devil) spent the night, I'm behind on clothes, dishes and the regular cleaning! I completely forgot about my daughters' picture money being due so it's going to be running a tad close to the last day of school before it's paid. The picture packages cost $40 so I owe the school (actually the Photography Company) $80 for pictures! Last Saturday was Jade's birthday!! She is now a big 6 year old!!! I started a birthday post for her but ended up getting distracted and never finished it :( I WILL get that post done, it don't matter if it's late or not, it'll give me time to round up a few of my favorite pictures of Jade to complete the post. Now that Jade is 6, I have two 6yr old daughters! Loran's birthday is not until the 2nd week of June, so for 2 weeks out of every year both of my daughters are the same age. (They are only 11 months apart) When people ask me how old my daughters are, during those 2 weeks, they always look at me funny when I say -for example- 6.... Loran and Jade are complete opposites and don't look the same age AT ALL! But Loran turns 7 in a couple weeks and I haven't even started planning the combined birthday party that plan on having!! (We had a cook-out with the neighbors on Jade's birthday but their true party with the family and everyone, will be together. They like it that way and it's easier on me!)

To top off my hectic couple weeks...... I sick all day Tuesday and yesterday was Field Day at the girls' school so Alan and I were volunteers. It was very hot and hectic but we had a BLAST helping out with Field Day. Alan and I helped out last year during Loran's first field day and I am sooo glad that we were able to help out this year as well, for Jade's first Field Day. I know so many of the kids in that school, a few are family, I enjoyed getting to see everyone and I got alot of pretty good pictures. My camera decided that it wasn't going to read my SIMs card this morning and I don't know if that means my card is messed up of my camera because I had just had my card hooked up to my computer before we left the house so I knew the card was working. So I ended up getting pretty upset but decided that I was going to try my best to take as many good pictures that I could with my phone, crossing my fingers that my phone wouldn't die on me now as well.... My phone is a whole different story..... Long story short -- I dropped my phone in my bath the other night and it bubbled! It has been in and out of a bowl of rice for a day or 2 and it made me proud today!!!!! It may have been messing up pretty bad when it first happened but it works now and I am VERY grateful. I would of been very upset if I wouldn't of been able to take pictures of the girls yesterday. I have many pictures from last year, I needed pictures from this year too! And I got them! You truly don't realize how happy I am about those photos, unless you know me and how I am about Photography and memories. I don't only take pictures of my girls when I'm at their school. I take pictures of every child that I know, especially if their parents wasn't able to make it. I try to make sure that everyone has atleast one picture of their child from the events that I attend. Memories and Photos are all we're going to have of our kids being little, once they grow up. It happens so fast! That's why I do my best to capture as many memories as I can, for everyone that I care about as well as myself. 

But ANYWAYS....... This post ended up being a huge mixed up rant of my past couple weeks along with how I feel about Photography. So I guess you can say that you know me a tad bit better now :-) Now that you've read all of this....
I want to say Thank You, because if you read the whole post then that says to me that your a true follower of mine and that warms my heart. You are awesome!

My random rant is complete.

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