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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Sad Day in Candler

I recently found out that a close friend of mine that I hadn't seen in a couple years, passed away due to head trauma during a 4-wheeler wreck. I don't really know how to feel because I use to hang out with him all the time when I was in high school. We hung out with the same group of friends and I even ran from the cops with him and another friend, once (We wasn't doing anything bad, just hanging out at an abandon house while our friends was going to get some pizza. The cops didn't want us there and we didn't want to talk to them...) Hank was always a very down to earth person and died at the young age of 26. He was happily married to a wonderful girl who is a dear friend of mine. I haven't talked to Dotty since this horrible tragedy but I know she is in alot of pain, she just lost the love of her life.

I had never lost someone real close to me until my best friends mom and step-dad died a couple years ago. That was the toughest few weeks that I've ever been trough! And now another close friend has passed away and I don't know what to say. What's going on in this world? Why did he have to leave his family on the day before Mother's Day? I'm sure Hank's family is asking the same questions right now. The answers... we will never receive. I want to hug Dotty and tell her that everything will be okay, that we will get through this together. She's a strong woman, it will take time.

I miss my friend. That abandoned house is not very far from my home... I kind of want to go sit on it's porch. To remember the good ol' days.

Today is Mother's Day and I sit here at my desk grateful for my life and for my daughters and mom. But then I look to my right and I see a photo of my best-friend's mom and I start to cry. I know that Hank is with Mom and Pops in Heaven.

It may be a sad day on earth for us... but it's a reunion in Heaven for them.
Mom, Pops and Hank are sitting on a cloud, watching over all of us, wishing we would all just dry up our tears and smile.

RIP Hank
You will be missed by many!

I also want to wish Donna Wolfe a Happy Mother's Day in Heaven.
We love you! - Hug Hank for us!

This song from Jason Aldean makes me remember the good times when Hank, Mom and Pops was still with us, here on Earth.

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