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Friday, May 24, 2013

It's a small world after all....

It really is amazing when you realize how small this world is!

My fiance and I recently started talking and hanging out with a couple who moved in next door about 7 months ago. They have 3 boys and their oldest son started playing with our daughters. It started with my fiance and the husband, Corban, started talking and really hit it off fast. They quickly became close friends in just a matter of weeks! I had never met Corban's wife, Jillian, but had heard lots about her from my fiance and her husband Corban. The guys were on a mission to get us together so we would all be friends and be able to hang out more often. One night when Jillian and Alan were both off work, Alan and I went down to hang out by the bonfire with the neighbors. Jillian and I hit it off wonderfully and it was pretty funny when Corban and Alan gave each other a high-five when they realized we were going to be great friends lol 

Last night, Alan and I went back down to hang out with Jillian and Corban. The boys started playing video games while Jillian and I started looking at some pictures and talking about our kids. I then had a bright idea to ask Jillian what school she went to... She replied with Erwin, which just happen to be the same school my aunt and my childhood best-friend went to (I tried to get my mama to let me go to Erwin too but she wouldn't change my schools). I asked Jillian if she knew my friend and she didn't. But when I mentioned my aunt..... A light-bulb lit up above both of our heads!! My aunt use to be Jillian's neighbor when she was little, Lori (my aunt) use to be close friends with her sister! Come to find out, I use to hang out with Lori and Jillian's big sister often and I knew Jillian as "The annoying little sister!" HOW FUNNY IS THAT?! I am now very close friends with Jillian and I can't believe that I have knew her since she was a little girl! It's amazing and I couldn't be happier to reconnect with Jillian! She is no longer the "annoying little sister"! She is now a mom of 3 beautiful little boys and a great friend. her boys and my daughters love playing together and I can't wait to let my aunt know about this awesome new friendship!!! (If I can get intouch with her....) :-)

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